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1. Victor Hugo Victor Hugo Writer, Les Misérables Although Hugo was fascinated by poems from childhood on, he spent some time on the polytechnic university of Paris until he dedicated all his work to literature. He was one of the few authors who were allowed to reach popularity during lifetime and one of the leaders of French romance. After the death...
2. Louis Lumière Louis Lumière Producer, Employees Leaving the Lumière Factory Although no one will ever come up with a definitive answer as to who invented the cinema (probably because no one single person was responsible), Louis Lumiere has one of the strongest claims to the title - for it was he (with his brother Auguste) who invented the cinematographe: a machine that combined...
3. Ursula Meier Ursula Meier Director, L'enfant d'en haut
4. Auguste Lumière Auguste Lumière Producer, Bataille de neige Although it is his brother Louis Lumière who is generally acclaimed as the "father of the cinema", Auguste Lumiere also made a major contribution towards the development of the medium, first by helping with the invention and construction of the cinematographe (the world's first camera and projection mechanism)...
5. Jean-François Laguionie Jean-François Laguionie Art Department, Le tableau
6. Annik Borel Annik Borel Actress, La lupa mannara Annik Borel was a gorgeously buxom, statuesque and voluptuous blonde actress who popped up in a handful of enjoyably sleazy 70's exploitation features made in both Europe and America. She was born as Anne Borel in 1948 in Besancon, France. Borel made a memorable film debut as a drug dealer's predatory...
7. Raymond Blanc Raymond Blanc Self, The Restaurant Raymond is simply one of the finest chefs in the world. His exquisite cooking has received tributes from every national and international guide to culinary excellence that there is. He was born in a tiny rural village near Besançon, in eastern France. He states that his two greatest inspirations were the beauty of the Franche-Comté region...
8. Damien Jouillerot Damien Jouillerot Actor, Amour
9. Serge Elissalde Serge Elissalde Animation Department, L'homme de la lune
10. Nicole Seguin Nicole Seguin Actress, Waxwork
11. Jacques Maillot Jacques Maillot Writer, Blood Ties
12. Christine Haydar Christine Haydar Actress, Une femme libre
13. Annie Ducaux Annie Ducaux Actress, Prison sans barreaux
14. Alex Beaupain Alex Beaupain Composer, Love Songs
15. Georges Saillard Georges Saillard Actor, The End of Robespierre
16. Tristan Bernard Tristan Bernard Writer, Le théâtre de Tristan Bernard
17. Yann Senez Yann Senez Actor, L'adieu
18. Paul-Hervé Mathis Paul-Hervé Mathis Director, Vinyl
19. Michel Carré Michel Carré Writer, The Adventures of Tintin
20. Alain Pol Alain Pol Director, À l'assaut de la Tour Eiffel
21. Philippe Minyana Philippe Minyana Writer, Papa est monté au ciel
22. Charles Nodier Charles Nodier Writer, La légende de soeur Béatrix
23. Pierre Mingand Pierre Mingand Actor, Mauvaise graine
24. Jean-Charles Valladont Jean-Charles Valladont Self, Rio Olympics
25. Amaury Faivre Amaury Faivre Composer, Echos
26. Jonathan Grimault Jonathan Grimault Camera and Electrical Department, Dead Bones
27. Max d'Ollone Max d'Ollone Music Department, Der Erlkönig
28. Roland Gauthier Roland Gauthier Visual Effects, Moongirl
29. Josette Arno Josette Arno Actress, Novio a la vista
29 names.