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1. Liselotte Pulver Liselotte Pulver Actress, A Time to Love and a Time to Die
2. Sabine Timoteo Sabine Timoteo Actress, Der freie Wille
3. Carl Schenkel Carl Schenkel Director, Knight Moves Carl Schenkel was born on May 8, 1948 in Berne, Switzerland. He relocated to Frankfurt, Germany and worked as a journalist while studying for a degree in sociology. Schenkel broke into the movie industry in the mid-1970's as a script collaborator and assistant director before making his feature debut as both writer and director with the lowbrow horror comedy outing "Dracula Blows His Cool" in 1979...
4. Sibylle Canonica Sibylle Canonica Actress, Mostly Martha
5. Felix Locher Felix Locher Actor, Frankenstein's Daughter Character actor Felix Locher (pronounced Lo-Shay) didn't begin acting until he was 73 years old. The father of actor Jon Hall (born Charles Felix Locher), he was visiting his son who was preparing for his part in the film Hell Ship Mutiny when he was spotted by the director who convinced him to play the part of the elderly Tahitian chief...
6. Yves Rénier Yves Rénier Actor, Commissaire Moulin
7. Stefan Kurt Stefan Kurt Actor, Vier Minuten
8. Nadia Fares Nadia Fares Director, Honey and Ashes The Polish director, Krzysztof Kieslowski (The "Ten Commandments", "The Double Life of Veronika") was the directing mentor of Nadia Fares while she was at NYU. He said that great directors always tell stories differently but linked to the same theme. "The fish out of water" theme connects with Nadia's work...
9. Benedict Neuenfels Benedict Neuenfels Cinematographer, The Counterfeiters
10. Juri Steinhart Juri Steinhart Director, Piss Off
11. Hans Heinz Moser Hans Heinz Moser Actor, Die Wache
12. James Bulliard James Bulliard Actor, On the Line
13. Isabel Blanco Isabel Blanco Actress, Mareas vivas
14. Therese Affolter Therese Affolter Actress, Frühling im Herbst
15. Thomas Füri Thomas Füri Actor, Titanic
16. Simon Aeby Simon Aeby Director, Three Below Zero
17. Matthieu Rubin Matthieu Rubin Producer, Untitled Garbo Project
18. Boris Blank Boris Blank Soundtrack, The Hangover Part II
19. Herbert Herrmann Herbert Herrmann Actor, Fleisch
20. Johann David Wyss Johann David Wyss Writer, Swiss Family Robinson
21. Thomas Klameth Thomas Klameth Actor, Heidi
22. Pascal Ulli Pascal Ulli Actor, Der Goalie bin ig Pascal Ulli first appeared on a big screen playing Klaus Koska in 'Nacht der Gaukler'. For this performance he was nominated for the Star of Tomorrow Award at the Geneva Fim Festival in 1996 and won it. Pascal Ulli was born in 1969 in Bern, Switzerland, where he took private acting lessons with Marie-Louise Lang-Willi in as early as his school days...
23. Maria Bibikov Maria Bibikov Actress, The Girl on the Bridge
24. Stephanie Berger Stephanie Berger Actress, Sweetiecakes
25. Marianne Chappuis Marianne Chappuis Actress, Weekend im Paradies
26. Vinz Feller Vinz Feller Editor, Montauk
27. Silvia Reize Silvia Reize Actress, The Second Awakening of Christa Klages
28. Thomas Koerfer Thomas Koerfer Director, Glut
29. Lys Assia Lys Assia Self, The Eurovision Song Contest
30. Luke Wilkins Luke Wilkins Actor, Verbotene Liebe
31. Catherine Schneider Catherine Schneider Costume and Wardrobe Department, North Face
32. Silvia Espigado Silvia Espigado Actress, Cuéntame
33. Harry Froboess Harry Froboess Stunts, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
34. Silvia Jost Silvia Jost Actress, Die Schweizermacher
35. Rolf Knie Rolf Knie Actor, Die Schokoladenschnüffler
36. Hazy Osterwald Hazy Osterwald Self, Wenn Sechse eine Reise tun
37. Christoph Marti Christoph Marti Actor, Ferkel
38. Marc Daniel Gerber Marc Daniel Gerber Production Manager, Vitus
39. Peter von Gunten Peter von Gunten Director, Bananera libertad
40. Stefan Witschi Stefan Witschi Actor, Der Kreis
41. Livia S. Reinhard Livia S. Reinhard Actress, Hinter Gittern - Der Frauenknast
42. Marc Dietrich Marc Dietrich Self, The Eurovision Song Contest
43. Jürg Wyttenbach Jürg Wyttenbach Self, Mani Matter - Warum syt dir so truurig?
44. Nicole Allmann Nicole Allmann Actress, Verbotene Liebe
45. Sylvia Rohrer Sylvia Rohrer Actress, The Fifth Estate
46. Regula Stämpfli Regula Stämpfli Self, Talk im Hangar-7
47. Walther Kauer Walther Kauer Writer, Die schwarze Spinne
48. Peter Denlo Peter Denlo Actor, Latter Days
49. Adrian Amstutz Adrian Amstutz Composer, Supernova
50. Nicolas Lavanchy Nicolas Lavanchy Director, To Sit Nicolas Lavanchy was born on the 3rd of January, 1976 in Berne and grew up in a small suburb. After an apprenticeship as laboratory technician he passed the Matura exams and started in 2000 to study chemistry at the University of Zurich. After the first year he left university to make his dream of being a filmmaker become reality...
1-50 of 68 names.