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1. Mady Rahl Mady Rahl Actress, Sharks and Little Fish Beautiful, smoky-voiced platinum blonde Mady Rahl was the 'Sportsmädel' of the German cinema in the 1930's and 40's. During the war years, she was touted in Nazi propaganda as an ideal of Germanic femininity. Her association with members of the regime, including the ever roving-eyed Joseph Goebbels...
2. Gerd E. Schäfer Gerd E. Schäfer Actor, Max in Moritzhagen
3. Walfriede Schmitt Walfriede Schmitt Actress, Coming Out
4. Heinz Buschkowsky Heinz Buschkowsky Self, Drogen, Wahlrecht ab 16 und Managergehälter
5. Charlotte Berlow Charlotte Berlow Actress, Charley's Aunt
5 names.