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1. Andreas Wisniewski Andreas Wisniewski Actor, Die Hard
2. Thor Freudenthal Thor Freudenthal Director, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
3. Anne Wiazemsky Anne Wiazemsky Actress, Au Hasard Balthazar
4. Katja Bienert Katja Bienert Actress, Diamonds of Kilimandjaro
5. Wolf Larson Wolf Larson Actor, Tarzán
6. Jörg Buttgereit Jörg Buttgereit Director, Nekromantik
7. Antonio Wannek Antonio Wannek Actor, Wie Feuer und Flamme Antonio Wannek was born 1979 in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany. Aged 11, Antonio, a rebellious student who felt like he was swimming against the current in school, ran into director Klaus Gendries and immediately got the lead in the 14-part mini 'Viel Rummel um Scooter'. Though several parts followed, including the 1992 Wolfgang Becker movie Child's Play...
8. Nina Franoszek Nina Franoszek Actress, The Pianist Berlin-born Nina Franoszek is an internationally established star of stage, screen and television and LA based film and theater director. She won a Grimme Prize (Germany's Emmy Award) for best actress in 1998 and a German Screen Actors Award for best Ensemble in the TV series "Weissensee Saga II" in 2014...
9. Katja Woywood Katja Woywood Actress, Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei
10. Christina Plate Christina Plate Actress, Familie Dr. Kleist
11. Matthias Brandt Matthias Brandt Actor, Gegenüber
12. Susanna Clemm Susanna Clemm Actress, Dressed to Kill
13. Jessica Ginkel Jessica Ginkel Actress, Lena - Liebe meines Lebens
14. Hannes Hellmann Hannes Hellmann Actor, Life Is Beautiful
15. Tatjana Blacher Tatjana Blacher Actress, Anne Frank: The Whole Story
16. Emily Atef Emily Atef Director, Das Fremde in mir
17. Wolfgang Bahro Wolfgang Bahro Actor, Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten
18. Anja Franke Anja Franke Actress, Rote Rosen
19. Simon Jäger Simon Jäger Actor, Atropos
20. Robert van Ackeren Robert van Ackeren Director, The Sensuous Three
21. Martin Todsharow Martin Todsharow Composer, Desert Flower
22. Anette Hellwig Anette Hellwig Actress, Freundschaft mit Herz
23. Paul Grasshoff Paul Grasshoff Actor, The Pool
24. Kim Fisher Kim Fisher Self, Riverboat - Die MDR-Talkshow aus Leipzig
25. Julia Biedermann Julia Biedermann Actress, Marianne & Juliane
26. Janina Dall Janina Dall Stunts, Stargate SG-1 Janina grew up and went to school in Berlin/Germany. Her dad Karl Dall is a well known German Comedian, Actor and Show Master since 1967. Janina moved to Vancouver/Canada in 1996. She works there as a Stunt-Performer.
27. Josef Lieck Josef Lieck Producer, Rubber
28. Rebecca Völz Rebecca Völz Actress, Captain Future
29. Patrick Winczewski Patrick Winczewski Director, SOKO Leipzig Patrick Winczewski was born and raised in Berlin. He studied drama with Erika Dannhoff and worked as assistant to the stage director at the Tribuene Berlin. He first contracted with the Berliner Kammerspiele for the debut performance of Michael Ende's The NeverEnding Story (The Never Ending Story). Engagements with productions in Berlin...
30. Hans-Jürgen Schatz Hans-Jürgen Schatz Actor, Der Fahnder
31. Nadja Auermann Nadja Auermann Self, Bettie Page Reveals All
32. Robert Viktor Minich Robert Viktor Minich Actor, Free Rainer
33. Andreas Elsholz Andreas Elsholz Actor, Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten
34. Jan Andres Jan Andres Actor, The Book Thief
35. Markus Majowski Markus Majowski Actor, Enemy at the Gates
36. Nadine Wrietz Nadine Wrietz Actress, Anja & Anton
37. Alexander Kiersch Alexander Kiersch Actor, Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten
38. Adriane Rimscha Adriane Rimscha Actress, Die große Flatter
39. Sharon Brauner Sharon Brauner Actress, Verspielte Nächte
40. Dirk Mierau Dirk Mierau Actor, Hinter Gittern - Der Frauenknast
41. Folkert Milster Folkert Milster Actor, Sieben Frauen
42. Claudia Lehmann Claudia Lehmann Actress, Otto - Der Außerfriesische Claudia Lehmann was born and raised in West Berlin. At the age of 11 she made her first stage appearance as the First Eumenide in Rudolf Noelte's production of Giraudoux' 'Electra' at Berlin's Renaissance Theater. After graduating from high school she took acting classes with Else Bongers and Maria Körber and studied singing with Prof. Walter Hauck in Berlin...
43. Nana Spier Nana Spier Actress, The Raven
44. Irina von Bentheim Irina von Bentheim Actress, Wenn süß das Mondlicht auf den Hügeln schläft
45. Sabine Winterfeldt Sabine Winterfeldt Actress, Beyond the Sea
46. Bob Hirsch Bob Hirsch Actor, Der Betrogene
47. Konstantin Kröning Konstantin Kröning Cinematographer, Pazar - Bir Ticaret Masali
48. Andreas Fröhlich Andreas Fröhlich Actor, Der Verrückte, das Herz und das Auge
49. Faime Jurno Faime Jurno Actress, Stalker
50. Cornelia Meinhardt Cornelia Meinhardt Actress, Lindhoops Frau
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