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1. Sheena Easton Sheena Easton Self, Indecent Proposal Sheena Easton started off as a worldwide sensation in the music industry. Since then she has expanded to movies (All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, Indecent Proposal), Broadway ("Man of La Mancha") and TV (Body Bag, Highlander, Gargoyles, Jack's Place, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Miami Vice). Her albums include "My Cherie" (MCA Records 1995)...
2. Paul McGuigan Paul McGuigan Director, Lucky Number Slevin
3. Natalie J. Robb Natalie J. Robb Actress, The Shepherd
4. Ally McCoist Ally McCoist Self, The Premiership
5. Steven Hodgson Steven Hodgson Visual Effects, Hot Tub Time Machine
6. Shona McWilliams Shona McWilliams Actress, Mrs Henderson Presents
7. Clare Sheppard Clare Sheppard Actress, Perfect Strangers
8. Robin Cook Robin Cook Self, Episode #28.3
9. Jim Hastie Jim Hastie Self, Margaret Morris Movement
10. Brian McClair Brian McClair Self, 300 Premiership Goals
11. Thomas J. Clark Thomas J. Clark Actor, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid
12. Lee McCulloch Lee McCulloch Self, Episode dated 25 March 2006
13. Frank McSavage Frank McSavage Animation Department, Donald's Dream Voice
14. Kimberley Rennicks Kimberley Rennicks Self, Glasgow 2014: BBC One: Day 1: 13:45-15:00
14 names.