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1. Stasa Koprivica Stasa Koprivica Writer, Sisanje Born as Stanislava Koprivica in Belgrade, Serbia, in April 1984. Her father Stevan Koprivica is a playwright and screenwriter, currently teaching at Faculty of Dramatic Arts. Her mother, Ljubica Koprivica is a professor of literature in Belgrade XIV gymnasium. For the first four years of primary education...
2. Selena Arizanovic Selena Arizanovic Music Department, The Expendables
3. Marko Malic Marko Malic Actor, The Kolaborator Born in 1978, in Belgrade, State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, Marko Malic spent his childhood years in his homeland and in Iraq before settling down at age 6, in Lausanne, Switzerland. Since childhood, he has had an innate talent for effortlessly taking on roles to amuse friends and infuriate authoritarian figures...
4. Nadja Bobic Nadja Bobic Production Manager, Decak iz Junkovca
5. Dejan Zivkovic Dejan Zivkovic Director, Kako se snimao film 'Lavirint'
6. Nikola Mladenovic Nikola Mladenovic Sound Department, Buba u uhu
6 names.