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1. Audrey Hepburn Audrey Hepburn Actress, Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey Hepburn was born on May 4, 1929 in Brussels, Belgium. She was a blue-blood from the beginning; her mother was a Dutch baroness, and her father, who was of English and Austrian descent, worked in business. After her parents divorced, Audrey went to London with her mother where she went to a private girls school...
2. Jean-Claude Van Damme Jean-Claude Van Damme Actor, Double Impact When Jean-Claude Van Damme became an international film star, there was some debate as to his kick-boxing accomplishments. Former multiple World Kickboxing Champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson even offered Jean-Claude a "$100,000" bounty match to get into the ring and fight him. Van Damme brushed off the "challenge" as a publicity stunt...
3. Johnny Galecki Johnny Galecki Actor, In Time John Mark Galecki was born in Belgium where his dad was stationed while serving in the U.S. Air Force. When he was 3 years old, his family moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he grew up along with his sister Allison (1980) and brother Nick (1982). His father then became a teacher for blind veterans in a VA hospital outside of Chicago. When Galecki was 16, his father died in an accident...
4. Cécile De France Cécile De France Actress, Hereafter Cecile de France was born in Namur in Belgium in 1975 and discovered her vocation at the early age of six. As soon as she was seventeen, she was off to Paris with the ambition of beginning a career on the stage. She studied drama with Jean-Paul Denizon, actor and assistant to Peter Brook, before being admitted to the Ecole National Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre...
5. Matthias Schoenaerts Matthias Schoenaerts Actor, Rust and Bone Matthias Schoenaerts was born on December 8, 1977 in Antwerp, Belgium. His parents are Dominique Wiche and actor Julien Schoenaerts. He made his acting debut at age 15 alongside his father in the Belgian film Daens, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Schoenaerts enrolled in film school but was expelled for poor attendance in his second year...
6. Lubna Azabal Lubna Azabal Actress, Paradise Now
7. Patrick Bauchau Patrick Bauchau Actor, Panic Room Patrick Nicolas Jean Sixte Ghislain Bauchau was born in Brussels, Belgium. His father, Henry Bauchau, is a noted author, psychoanalyst, and philosopher, while his mother was an educator who also helped operate a publishing company. Coming from an intellectual family, it's not surprising that Bauchau won an academic scholarship to Oxford University...
8. Hanna Verboom Hanna Verboom Actress, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo Hanna Verboom made her motion picture debut in 2004 playing the female lead in the Dutch film "Snowfever", directed by Pim van Hoeve. She has hosted the Dutch National TV channel BNN's weekly music show "Top of the Pops". Born in Belgium, Verboom spent her early childhood in the African nations of Kenya...
9. Veerle Baetens Veerle Baetens Actress, The Broken Circle Breakdown Veerle Baetens studied Musical Theatre at the "Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts" in Brussels. After this she had roles in theatre and then started her TV career for VTM. In 2005 she won the "John Kraaijkamp Musical Award" for her role in the theatre version of Pippi Longstocking. And in 2008 she won awards for her performance of "Sara" (the Flemish version of the TV show Ugly Betty)...
10. Marcus Thomas Marcus Thomas Actor, You Kill Me
11. Déborah François Déborah François Actress, L'enfant
12. Émilie Dequenne Émilie Dequenne Actress, Brotherhood of the Wolf
13. Jaco Van Dormael Jaco Van Dormael Director, Mr. Nobody
14. Jérémie Renier Jérémie Renier Actor, In Bruges
15. Virginie Efira Virginie Efira Actress, It Boy
16. Ronald Guttman Ronald Guttman Actor, The Hunt for Red October
17. Lyne Renee Lyne Renee Actress, Ober
18. Jean-Pierre Dardenne Jean-Pierre Dardenne Producer, The Kid with a Bike After studying drama in the arts institute, Jean Pierre Dardenne and his brother Luc made some videos about the rough life in blue-collar small towns in the Wallonie. After their meeting with filmmaker Armad Gatti and cinematographer Ned Burgess, they decided to enter in the movie business. In 1978 they shot their first documentary...
19. Carole Weyers Carole Weyers Actress, The Fault in Our Stars
20. François Damiens François Damiens Actor, OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies
21. Marie Gillain Marie Gillain Actress, Coco Before Chanel
22. Benoît Poelvoorde Benoît Poelvoorde Actor, Man Bites Dog
23. Steve Crest Steve Crest Actor, John Dies at the End
24. Ingrid Vandebosch Ingrid Vandebosch Actress, Taxi
25. Pascaline Crêvecoeur Pascaline Crêvecoeur Actress, Laura
26. Filip Peeters Filip Peeters Actor, Loft
27. Chantal Akerman Chantal Akerman Director, A Couch in New York
28. Agnès Varda Agnès Varda Self, The Beaches of Agnès
29. Jelle Florizoone Jelle Florizoone Actor, North Sea Texas
30. Tony Parker Tony Parker Self, Bruce Willis/Diving Dogs/Tony Parker
31. Johan Heldenbergh Johan Heldenbergh Actor, The Broken Circle Breakdown
32. Felix van Groeningen Felix van Groeningen Director, The Broken Circle Breakdown
33. Jan Bijvoet Jan Bijvoet Actor, Borgman
34. Héléna Noguerra Héléna Noguerra Actress, Heartbreaker
35. Eric Godon Eric Godon Actor, In Bruges
36. Koen De Bouw Koen De Bouw Actor, Loft
37. Alexandra Vandernoot Alexandra Vandernoot Actress, The Dinner Game
38. Axelle Carolyn Axelle Carolyn Actress, Centurion
39. Luc Dardenne Luc Dardenne Producer, The Kid with a Bike
40. Christophe St. Jacques Christophe St. Jacques Actor, Echoes
41. Hans Herbots Hans Herbots Director, Verlengd weekend
42. Jan Decleir Jan Decleir Actor, Character
43. Michael Pas Michael Pas Actor, Nymphomaniac: Vol. II Michael Pas was born in 1966 in Belgium and is considered to be one of the best actors in his country. He first became famous in the movie Blueberry Hill. He also played in Crazy Love, directed by Dominique Deruddere. He worked together with top Belgium director Jan Verheyen in the movies Boys and Team Spirit...
44. Vincent Grass Vincent Grass Actor, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
45. Olivier Gourmet Olivier Gourmet Actor, The Son
46. Fabrizio Rongione Fabrizio Rongione Actor, The Kid with a Bike
47. Yolande Moreau Yolande Moreau Actress, Amélie
48. Travis Oliver Travis Oliver Actor, Vampire Killers
49. Erik Van Looy Erik Van Looy Director, The Memory of a Killer Erik Van Looy was born on April 26, 1962 in Deurne, Flanders, Belgium as Erik Ludovicus Maria Van Looy. He is a Director and a Writer, known for the classic Belgian films, De Zaak Alzheimer/The Memory of a Killer (2003) and Loft (2008). He's also directed the US-remake of The Loft (2014). Between writing and directing movies...
50. Ulu Grosbard Ulu Grosbard Director, The Deep End of the Ocean A former diamond cutter in his native Belgium, Ulu Grosbard was educated at the University of Chicago, then attended the Yale Drama School. Becoming a stage director in 1957, Grosbard directed many successful Broadway shows. In the early '60s Grosbard journeyed to Hollywood, where he was hired as an assistant director on several productions...
1-50 of 2,439 names.