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1. Ronit Elkabetz Ronit Elkabetz Actress, Bikur Ha-Tizmoret Born in Beershaba in 1964, Ronit was an awkward child who felt she was different from others, but when she became an actress (more or less by chance at the age of 26) with a star role in Daniel Wachsmann's 'Hameyu'ad' ['The Appointed (1990)'], this complex became an asset. This beautiful brunette realized she could relate to the rest of the world by expressing her inner emotions...
2. Hanna Azoulay Hasfari Hanna Azoulay Hasfari Actress, Ha-Borer
3. Zvika Hadar Zvika Hadar Actor, Shemesh
4. Nourith Nourith Actress, The Fifth Element Nourith started to like music at 3. She sang for the first time at 6. At school, she sang a lot. She went to Paris at 11, with her father (who moved for professional reasons). She was registered at the Israeli school in Paris. She signed her first contract at 12 and released her first single, sung with a band "School Days"...
5. Zahava Ben Zahava Ben Self, Living in LA LA Land
6. Adva Magal Adva Magal Director, La'tiyul Yatsanu
7. Neta Haber Neta Haber Actress, Michtavim Le America
8. Limor Shopen Limor Shopen Actress, Red Cockroaches Born and raised in Israel, Limor Shopen served in the Israeli Defense Force for two years. After performing in a couple of short films, she came to the US in 1998 and lived in NYC ever since. Studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute where fellow classmate Miguel Coyula offered her the role of Monica Zaister in Red Cockroaches (2004).
9. David Moran David Moran Producer, The Usual Stuff David Moran was born in the city of Beer Sheva, Israel. In 1998 David went on to study film and TV at the Sapir College, in Sederot, Israel, one of the most prestigious film schools in the country. During his time in film school David has directed 2 short fiction films, and upon graduating started working as a sound recordist and assistant cameraman for Israeli Television Channel 1...
10. Adi Cohen Adi Cohen Self, Kochav Nolad
11. Ido Yablonka Ido Yablonka Cinematographer, The Road to Tel Aviv
12. Gil Rimon Gil Rimon Writer, The Zehu Ze Show
13. Israel Bar-On Israel Bar-On Self, Kochav Nolad
14. Shiran Afonso Shiran Afonso Director, Pee Pee
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