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1. Barnard Hughes

Actor | The Lost Boys

Emmy and Tony Award-winner Barnard Hughes forged a career as one of American's most successful character actors, equally at home and successful on stage, the silver screen, and television. Most of his success came after middle-age. He made his Broadway debut in 1939 in Mary McCarthy's "Please, Mrs....

2. Michael J. Knowles

Actor | I'm Back!

Michael is an American actor and recent graduate of Yale University, where he earned the Seymour L. Lustman Prize for Outstanding Contribution to the Life of Arts in the College. Michael trained in acting at the Stella Adler Studio and with Wynn Handman at his legendary studio in New York City.

3. James Aman Beckley

Ten Stories Tall

As of 2008, James works as a New York City real estate agent.

3 names.