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1. L.Q. Jones L.Q. Jones Actor, Casino Tall, sandy haired, mustachioed actor from Texas born Justus McQueen, who adopted the name of the character he portrayed in his first film, Battle Cry. Jones, with his craggy, gaunt looks, first appeared in minor character roles in plenty of WWII films including The Young Lions, The Naked and the Dead...
2. Katherine Boecher Katherine Boecher Actress, The Spy Next Door
3. Irma P. Hall Irma P. Hall Actress, Collateral
4. Mark D. Espinoza Mark D. Espinoza Actor, The Fugitive
5. Lucas Babin Lucas Babin Actor, School of Rock
6. Kelly Asbury Kelly Asbury Art Department, Beauty and the Beast Kelly Asbury is the Director of Sony Pictures Animation's upcoming all-new CG-animated feature film reboot of the popular Smurfs franchise, "Get Smurfy" (working title only), set for release on March 31, 2017. Asbury also Directed and Co-Wrote the 3D computer-animated feature film "Gnomeo & Juliet" (Disney/Touchstone 2011)...
7. Jeff Maher Jeff Maher Cinematographer, Bite Jeff Maher was born in Pointe-Claire of Montreal, Quebec. He resides in Toronto where he works as a film director and cinematographer. Works include Antisocial, Hell Mouth, Unholy, Monkey In The Middle, Cock'd Guns, Restaurant Makeover, Restaurant Takeover. Music videos works include City and Colour, Arkells, July Black, City of Fire, Baptized in Blood, Ashley MacIsaac.
8. Lyndsey Doolen Lyndsey Doolen Actress, The Next Steps
9. Carli Jo Taylor Carli Jo Taylor
10. Edgar Winter Edgar Winter Soundtrack, Tropic Thunder
11. Johnny Winter Johnny Winter Self, Johnny Winter: Down & Dirty
12. Helen Vinson Helen Vinson Actress, I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang Texas-born Helen Vinson was born Helen Rulfs in Beaumont on September 17, 1907, the daughter of an oil company exec. The family eventually settled in Houston, where her inflamed passion for acting was first ignited. While in her teens she married Harry N. Vickerman, a man fifteen years her senior who came from a well-to-do Philadelphia family...
13. Clay Walker Clay Walker Soundtrack, Space Cowboys
14. Markus Lloyd Markus Lloyd Actor, Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon
15. Don Castle Don Castle Producer, Lassie The fresh-faced appeal and promising talent of darkly handsome "B" actor Don Castle was evident from the late 30s into the 40s, but it wasn't enough for him to reach topgrade stardom. Born Marion Goodman, Jr. in Beaumont Texas in 1918 and raised in Houston, Don enrolled at the University of Texas before heading West to California to try his luck in acting...
16. Dick Haynes Dick Haynes Actor, Support Your Local Sheriff!
17. Mary Donnelly-Haskell Mary Donnelly-Haskell Actress, Once Upon a Christmas
18. Larry Graham Larry Graham Soundtrack, The Lonely Lady
19. Robert Murphy Robert Murphy Cinematographer, In Search of a Midnight Kiss Robert Murphy is best known for his work as the Director of Photography for the independent film "In Search of a Midnight Kiss." He also plays Jack-meaux, Vivian's ex-boyfriend in the film, and his band, Sybil, has a couple of songs featured on the film's soundtrack: "Discolite," "Mocha Queen," and...
20. J.D. Feigelson J.D. Feigelson Writer, Dark Night of the Scarecrow
21. Billie Jo Spears Billie Jo Spears Soundtrack, Convoy
22. Christina Mauro Christina Mauro Producer, 11 Minutes Ago Native Texan, Christina Lyn Mauro was born in Beaumont Texas August 6, 1971. She is the daughter of a South Texas cattle rancher and an East Texas artist and is the youngest of six children. She began acting at the age of seven and continued through high school and college. Mauro graduated from the University of Houston School of Theater with a double major in Theater and Psychology...
23. Gene Lindsey Gene Lindsey Actor, All the President's Men
24. Andy White Andy White Actor, Fantasy Girl
25. Tracy Byrd Tracy Byrd Soundtrack, Blues Brothers 2000
26. Arban Ornelas Arban Ornelas Composer, Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean
27. Aidan Black Aidan Black Actor, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
28. Rebecca Brooks Rebecca Brooks Actress, Delivery: The Beast Within
29. Jeremy Colbert Jeremy Colbert Producer, Haunted Traxx Jeremy Colbert, born in Beaumont Texas, resides in North Carolina. Served three years Active Duty in the US Army, traveling to Panama, Costa Rica, Korea, Japan, Alaska, Hawaii. Got into the Media Business in 2001. Met good friend and business partner Michael Coonce in 1994. They Co-Founded Cydonia Pictures, a North Carolina Film Production company...
30. Nate C. Williams Nate C. Williams Producer, Icemosis: Hot Ice
31. Frank Robinson Frank Robinson Self, The Science of Hitting by Ted Williams
32. Neil Bligh Neil Bligh Writer, Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge
33. Beau Anderson Beau Anderson Actor, All the King's Men
34. Louie Kelcher Louie Kelcher Actor, North Dallas Forty
35. Robert L. Crippen Robert L. Crippen Self, Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special
36. Josh Yawn Josh Yawn Casting Department, The Biggest Loser
37. Mel Farr Mel Farr Self, 1988 NFL Draft
38. Pat Rick Pat Rick Actor, The Silence of the Hams
39. Barbara Lynn Barbara Lynn Soundtrack, Hairspray
40. Joel Watson Joel Watson Writer, Cyanide and Happiness Shorts
41. Harry Hervey Harry Hervey Writer, Shanghai Express
42. Gene Gilbeaux Gene Gilbeaux Actor, Calypso Heat Wave
43. Tex Martin Tex Martin Miscellaneous Crew, Stoney Burke
44. Derek Rountree Derek Rountree Cinematographer, SoCal Now
45. Jess Phillips Jess Phillips Self, 1975 AFC Championship Game
46. Mariah Stanley Mariah Stanley Self, America's Most Talented Kids Mariah Stanley, "the little girl with the big voice", is a 13 year-old young lady from Buna, Texas. She was originally compared to other artists (such as LeAnn Rimes and Brenda Lee) in her age, style and strength of performance. However, Mariah has since carved out her own style and niche - power with a soulful twang. She exhibits vocal abilities, presence, and maturity beyond her age...
47. Will Wynn Will Wynn
48. Clark Crawford Clark Crawford Sound Department, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
49. Jarrell Jay Knowles Jarrell Jay Knowles Actor, Ain't It Cool with Harry Knowles
50. Robert B. Castaine Robert B. Castaine Actor, Atlantic City
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