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1. Betty Hutton Betty Hutton Actress, Annie Get Your Gun Betty Hutton was born Elizabeth June Thornburg on February 26, 1921, in Battle Creek, Michigan. Two years later Betty's father decided that the family way of life wasn't for him, so he left (he committed suicide 16 years later). Having to fend for themselves, Mrs. Thornburg moved the family to Detroit to find work in the numerous auto factories there...
2. Rob Van Dam Rob Van Dam Self, ECW Guilty as Charged 2001 He was trained by the Original Sheik, Ed Farhat, who was one of pro-wrestling's classic and greatest bad guys. Even though their styles are quite different (Sheik being a wild hardcore-style brawler, known for throwing fire, cutting his opponent's forehead's up with foreign objects like a pencil, fork...
3. Dick Martin Dick Martin Self, Ricky Martin Dick Martin, the comedian and television director who achieved TV immortality as the co-host of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In as the comic foil to straight man Dan Rowan, was born on January 30, 1922 in Battle Creek, Michigan. The young Martin was a writer for the popular radio sit-com "Duffy's Tavern" before teaming up with Rowan in the 1950s...
4. John Kitzmiller John Kitzmiller Actor, Dr. No
5. Jason Newsted Jason Newsted Self, Metallica: S&M
6. Jim Begg Jim Begg Actor, Death Wish II
7. Austin Green Austin Green Actor, Ring of Terror
8. Mary Pascoe Mary Pascoe Actress, Mona Lisa Smile Mary Pascoe's wide range of talents align themselves to all sorts of facets of our daily lives. The odds are good that you have already seen a TV show, movie, or commercial containing a Mary Pascoe appearance. From "Mad Men" to "Mona Lisa Smile", this red-haired singing comic can do it all. You have...
9. Merritt Stone Merritt Stone Actor, The Magic Sword
10. Paula Price Paula Price Miscellaneous Crew, What a Girl Wants
11. Gloria Gaither Gloria Gaither Writer, The Nelons: Excuse Me, Are You Jesus?
12. Joe Lacoco Joe Lacoco Actor, Casino
13. Georgie Cooper Georgie Cooper Actress, Hollywood Hotel Georgie Cooper (her birth name was Georgia Cooper) was a theater actress with her husband Landers Stevens at Ye Liberty Playhouse in Oakland, California, and touring on the Orpheum Circuit. Her mother, Georgia Woodthorpe (1860-1927), was an actress whose stage name was Georgie Woodthorpe. As a child, Georgie appeared as Little Lord Fauntleroy with her mother at the Burbank Theater in Los Angeles...
14. Penelope L. Foster Penelope L. Foster Producer, Free Willy
15. Carrie Overgaard Carrie Overgaard Actress, Mugs
16. Autumn Daly Autumn Daly Self, Episode #2.6
17. Rachel Norris Rachel Norris Miscellaneous Crew, Norbit
18. Chaz James Chaz James Actor, Dumping Ground
19. Sy Oliver Sy Oliver Soundtrack, The Notebook Born into a musical family, Sy Oliver was an arranger, composer, trumpet player and occasional vocalist. He worked for the Jimmie Lunceford band from 1933-39, and is credited with creating that band's distinct sound. From 1939-42 he worked for Tommy Dorsey's band. He is considered to be one of the main contributors to the sound of "swing" in the late 1930s and 1940s.
20. Loren Schofield Loren Schofield Actor, Red Dead Redemption Loren's acting career began soon after he moved to the Philadelphia area in 2004. He has studied with Kenneth John McGregor, Donna Marrazzo, Mike Lemon, and Tom Logan. Principal roles in film and television include a diverse variety of characters: priest, bartender, Secret Service chief, Alzheimer's victim...
21. Peggy Fenn Peggy Fenn Actress, The Reluctant Landlord
22. Sunny Clapp Sunny Clapp Soundtrack, Donna Meets Roberta
23. Tony McGee Tony McGee Self, Washington Redskins vs. Green Bay Packers
24. Ric Crow Ric Crow Actor, In My Arms Tonight
25. Jack McQuisten Jack McQuisten Make-Up Department, Real Steel
26. Phillip Tolle Phillip Tolle Actor, Alabama Sasquatch
27. Doris Hume Doris Hume Writer, Susan Slade
28. Joseph Ortiz Joseph Ortiz Producer, P.O.V.: The Camera's Eye
29. Josh Wells Josh Wells Actor, Anderson's Cross
30. Bob Rush Bob Rush Self, Game 3
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