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1. Lyse Doucet Lyse Doucet Miscellaneous Crew, BBC World News Lyse Doucet was born in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada and is a senior BBC presenter and special correspondent. She works for both BBC World Service radio and BBC World News television, and also reports for BBC Radio 4 and BBC News in the UK, including reporting on Newsnight. She has a Master's degree...
2. Julie Roy Julie Roy Actress, The Role of Della
3. Sam De Grasse Sam De Grasse Actor, Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages Actor Samuel Alfred DeGrasse (June 12, 1875 - November 29, 1953) was born into a French Canadian family. He is the son of Lange DeGrasse and Ellen Comeaux of Bathurst, New Brunswick. Sam is the younger brother of Director Joseph DeGrasse. There were 11 siblings. Sam immigrated to the USA around 1880 as a young child...
4. Natasha St-Pier Natasha St-Pier Self, The Eurovision Song Contest
5. Joseph De Grasse Joseph De Grasse Director, Heart o' the Hills Born in New Brunswick, Canada, Joseph De Grasse began his career as a journalist, but soon switched careers and became a stage actor. He entered films in 1910. Soon afterwards he changed careers again, this time becoming a director, and turned out action pictures and dramas until the mid-'20s, when he briefly resumed his career as an actor.
6. Paul Robbins Paul Robbins Actor, Cube²: Hypercube
7. Dan Pelchat Dan Pelchat Stunts, Tucker and Dale vs Evil
8. Donna Henry Donna Henry Actress, The Legend of Viper's Hill
9. Michel Fournier Michel Fournier Michel Fournier got involved in movies in 1991 when he directed a small film with over 25 actors over a period of six months. In 1999, he started to attend some acting, photoshoot and modeling courses as he wanted to get more involved. In 2000, he started to do some extra appearances in several movies and TV series, such as Pluto Nash, Taking Lives, Abandon, Jackie and All Souls...
9 names.