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1. Marthe Keller Marthe Keller Actress, Marathon Man Marthe Keller was born on January 28, 1945 in Basel, Switzerland. She studied ballet as a child but stopped after a skiing accident at age 16. She changed to acting, and worked in Berlin at the Schiller Theatre and the Berliner Ensemble. Keller's earliest film appearances were in Funeral in Berlin (uncredited) and the German film Wild Rider Ltd....
2. Roger Federer Roger Federer Self, Replay: The Roger Federer Story Federer is the former #1 ranked tennis player in the world, having held the number one position for a record 237 consecutive weeks. He won the Indesit ATP 2004 Race on September 14. The ATP confirmed that his lead was insurmountable, marking what is believed to be the earliest a player has locked up the year-end No. 1 position since the ATP Rankings were established in 1973...
3. Petra Sprecher Petra Sprecher Stunts, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Petra grew up in Switzerland. When she was seven years old, she started to train and perform with the local youth circus. At age thirteen, the troupe was invited to Istanbul, Turkey, to unveil its annual representation. The engagement was a success and after this experience, Petra's interest in traveling and meeting different cultures was set in stone...
4. Christian Kohlund Christian Kohlund Actor, Das Traumhotel
5. Lukas Ettlin Lukas Ettlin Cinematographer, The Lincoln Lawyer
6. Charlotte Schwab Charlotte Schwab Actress, Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei
7. Dani Levy Dani Levy Actor, Go for Zucker
8. Sandra Speichert Sandra Speichert Actress, Rote Rosen
9. László I. Kish László I. Kish Actor, A berni követ
10. Marc Allégret Marc Allégret Director, Plucking the Daisy
11. Martin Fuhrer Martin Fuhrer Cinematographer, Lord of the Flies
12. Naomi Krauss Naomi Krauss Actress, The International
13. Arthur Cohn Arthur Cohn Producer, The Chorus Arthur Cohn is an independent film producer. Six of his films have won an Academy Award. Cohn was born in Basel, Switzerland, to Dr. Marcus Cohn, a lawyer who saved many Jews in WWII through certificates, and Rose Cohn-Galewski, a poet from Berlin. After high school he became a journalist and a reporter for Swiss Radio...
14. Annemarie Düringer Annemarie Düringer Actress, Veronika Voss
15. Patrick Elias Patrick Elias Actor, Inglourious Basterds
16. Lukas Ammann Lukas Ammann Actor, Graf Yoster gibt sich die Ehre
17. Sascha Pederiva Sascha Pederiva Actor, Verbotene Liebe
18. Patricia Regan Patricia Regan Makeup Department, Inside Man
19. Eléonore Hirt Eléonore Hirt Actress, Get Out Your Handkerchiefs
20. Hans Wyprächtiger Hans Wyprächtiger Actor, I.O.B. Spezialauftrag
21. Isabelle Stoffel Isabelle Stoffel Actress, Verzaubert Since her graduation from the Drama Academy in Bern, Isabelle Stoffel has made a stunning international acting career. Born and raised in Switzerland, with German and Spanish as mother tongues, she has played with companies in Lucerne, Zurich, Basel and Bern, in Leuven (Belgium), Hamburg, Berlin, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro...
22. Elisabeth Müller Elisabeth Müller Actress, The Power and the Prize
23. Sigfrit Steiner Sigfrit Steiner Actor, It Happened in Broad Daylight
24. Michèle Nicolet Michèle Nicolet Actress, The Myth of the Devil
25. Niklaus Schilling Niklaus Schilling Director, Rhinegold
26. Lena Sabine Berg Lena Sabine Berg Actress, Engel & Joe
27. Mathis Künzler Mathis Künzler Actor, Verliebt in Berlin
28. Paul Bösiger Paul Bösiger Actor, 08/15 First in Basel and Zurich Paul Boesiger was trained by Ernst Ginsberg and was on stage for some of the most important representations of the first plays of Friedrich Duerrenmatt and Max Frisch. In the early fifties he was discovered for the big screen by the famous German director Paul May for the 08/15 franchise...
29. Noemi Steuer Noemi Steuer Actress, Freunde fürs Leben
30. George Gebhardt George Gebhardt Actor, An Awful Moment
31. Agnes Dünneisen Agnes Dünneisen Actress, Der Onkel vom Meer
32. Mia Martin Mia Martin Actress, Die Zwillingsschwestern aus Tirol
33. Peter Brogle Peter Brogle Actor, Lebenszeichen
34. Trudi Roth Trudi Roth Actress, Fascht e Familie
35. Omid Taslimi Omid Taslimi Director, Be Aware and Share
36. Jürg Löw Jürg Löw Actor, German Fried Movie
37. Lisi Mangold Lisi Mangold Actress, Trokadero
38. Stina Werenfels Stina Werenfels Director, Going Private Earned a degree in Pharmacology and later started working as a freelance journalist and screenwriter. In 1991 she enrolled in the graduate program of film and television at New York University.
39. Heidy Forster Heidy Forster Actress, Vitus
40. Marcello De Nardo Marcello De Nardo Actor, Mein bester Feind
41. Otto Stern Otto Stern Actor, Percy Stuart
42. Barbara Berlusconi Barbara Berlusconi Self, TV Fama Barbara Berlusconi was born on July 30th, 1984 in Arlesheim, Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland. She is the firstborn of entrepreneur and politician Silvio Berlusconi and actress Veronica Lario. Her godfather was Bettino Craxi. She completed her primary education at the Steiner school of Milan, Italy, in Città Studi...
43. Emanuela von Frankenberg Emanuela von Frankenberg Actress, Um Himmels Willen
44. João Camargo João Camargo Actor, Bela, a Feia
45. Helmut Förnbacher Helmut Förnbacher Actor, Youth
46. Isabelle Holland Isabelle Holland Writer, The Man Without a Face
47. Ursula Andermatt Ursula Andermatt Actress, Anna Göldin, letzte Hexe
48. Marianne Hediger Marianne Hediger Actress, The Affairs of Julie
49. Regine Lutz Regine Lutz Actress, The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum
50. Abigail Rosen Abigail Rosen Actress, Tub Girls
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