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1. Kenny Doughty Kenny Doughty Actor, Snowpiercer
2. Sam Nixon Sam Nixon Self, Episode #2.46
3. David Bradley David Bradley Actor, Kes
4. Joanne Harris Joanne Harris Writer, Chocolat
5. Charlie Williams Charlie Williams Self, Episode #5.29
6. Stan Richards Stan Richards Actor, Episode #1.1996
7. Joann Fletcher Joann Fletcher Self, Nefertiti: Resurrected
8. Gavin Blair Gavin Blair Writer, ReBoot
9. Inga Brooksby Inga Brooksby Actress, If Tomorrow Never Comes
10. Chelsey Seeley Chelsey Seeley Actress, In Your Dreams
11. Chantelle Seeley Chantelle Seeley Actress, In Your Dreams
12. Anthony Addams Anthony Addams Actor, Hail Caesar!
13. Arthur Scargill Arthur Scargill Self, The Grunwick Strike
14. Ethel Lang Ethel Lang Uncategorised
15. Michael Todd Michael Todd Visual Effects, Avatar
16. Carl Barma Carl Barma Stunts, Mikey's Big Movie Carl Michael Barma is 25 years old from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK. He was born and raised and resides there all his life. He is a avid amateur film maker with some works online on YouTube. He was previously mentioned on Most Haunted Live 29th October 2009 after submitting a comment. he was filmed in a 2014 production of Derren Brown-Infamous that is or was broadcast latter half of 2014.
17. Brian Greenhoff Brian Greenhoff Uncategorised
18. John Alderson John Alderson Miscellaneous Crew, Episode #3.1
19. Ed Clancy Ed Clancy Self, Glasgow 2014: BBC One: Day 1: 13:45-15:00
20. Mark Jones Mark Jones Uncategorised
20 names.