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1. Rocco Sisto Rocco Sisto Actor, Donnie Brasco
2. Sasha Montenegro Sasha Montenegro Actress, Llámenme Mike
3. Orchidea de Santis Orchidea de Santis Actress, Prey of Vultures
4. Ettore Bassi Ettore Bassi Actor, Chiara e Francesco
5. Umberto Raho Umberto Raho Actor, The Last Man on Earth
6. Nick Borgani Nick Borgani Actor, Death Scene
7. Giuliano Carnimeo Giuliano Carnimeo Director, The Case of the Bloody Iris
8. Dino Abbrescia Dino Abbrescia Actor, I'm Not Scared
9. Riccardo Cucciolla Riccardo Cucciolla Actor, Sacco & Vanzetti
10. Domenico Procacci Domenico Procacci Producer, Seven Pounds
11. Walter Fasano Walter Fasano Editor, I Am Love
12. Giuliana Lojodice Giuliana Lojodice Actress, Life Is Beautiful
13. Enzo Fiermonte Enzo Fiermonte Actor, Rocco and His Brothers
14. Michele Venitucci Michele Venitucci Actor, Out of Bounds
15. Emilio Solfrizzi Emilio Solfrizzi Actor, El Alamein - The Line of Fire
16. Antonello De Leo Antonello De Leo Director, Guinea Pig
17. Lunetta Savino Lunetta Savino Actress, Loose Cannons
18. Vito Bambú Vito Bambú Self, Episode #3.19
19. Fabio Ferri Fabio Ferri Actor, Ormai è fatta!
20. Gianpiero Alicchio Gianpiero Alicchio Actor, L'appuntamento Gianpiero Alicchio is an Italian actor and director from Puglia, Italy. He arrived in Rome with a dream to imprint his visions on the cinematic screen. He began his training at the Bari Academy for three years, then was quickly accepted at the European Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome, under the artistic direction of Alessandro Preziosi...
21. Paolo De Vita Paolo De Vita Actor, Anonymous
22. Anna Oxa Anna Oxa Self, Fantastico 9
23. Luca Sportelli Luca Sportelli Actor, Uomini di parola
24. Doriana Leondeff Doriana Leondeff Writer, Bread and Tulips
25. Thomas Jauch Thomas Jauch Director, Crash Point: Berlin
26. Carolina Felline Carolina Felline Actress, Biuti quin Olivia
27. Lorenzo Sportiello Lorenzo Sportiello Director, Index Zero
28. Paolo Casella Paolo Casella Actor, Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead
29. Flavio Albanese Flavio Albanese Actor, Marching in Darkness
30. Gioia Bruno Gioia Bruno Self, The 17th Annual American Music Awards Gioia Bruno (Gioia is pronounced Joy-ah!) made her mark on the music scene as a member of the chart-busting Arista Records pop group Exposé. Gioia was born in Bari, Italy and raised in New Jersey. At the age of 16, she started singing in nightclubs with bands. While performing at the Gee Wiz nightclub in Miami...
31. Vanni Bramati Vanni Bramati Actor, Malèna
32. Gianni Ciardo Gianni Ciardo Actor, Provare per credere
33. Cecilia Mangini Cecilia Mangini Writer, All'armi siam fascisti!
34. Gianrico Carofiglio Gianrico Carofiglio Writer, The Past Is a Foreign Land
35. Francesco Laudadio Francesco Laudadio Director, La riffa
36. Stephan Massimo Stephan Massimo Composer, The Whore
37. Luigi Martocci Luigi Martocci Actor, The Embalmer Luigi Leone Martocci, aka Gin Mart, begun his career as a fashion model, in the very early 60s, working for Litrico, Brioni, Valentino and many more. Not long later he became the most sought after actor for the so-called Fotoromanzi, roman-photo in french, very popular magazines, usually printed in Italy and France...
38. Maurizio Sciarra Maurizio Sciarra Director, Alla rivoluzione sulla due cavalli Maurizio Sciarra was born in Bari in 1955 and first worked as a press photographer. For many years he worked as first assistant director with the well-known Italian director Luigi Comencini, who he recognizes as his "Maestro". He directed both features films and documentaries, most of them were shown in main international film festivals...
39. Pino Micol Pino Micol Actor, Lost Kisses
40. Dino Cassio Dino Cassio Actor, Badmen of the West
41. Leonardo De Mitri Leonardo De Mitri Director, Verginità
42. Miky Del Prete Miky Del Prete Soundtrack, Old Dogs
43. Angela Sozio Angela Sozio Self, Grande fratello
44. Danilo De Summa Danilo De Summa Actor, Wild Blood
45. Massimo Avella Massimo Avella Actor, Signorina Effe
46. Giovanni Aloisio Giovanni Aloisio Director, Sisters
47. Felice Laudadio Felice Laudadio Writer, Il lungo silenzio Journalist, screenwriter, producer, he has been CEO of the Istituto Luce, president of Cinecittà Holding and director of the Venice Film Festival. Since 1984 until 2009 he has been director of the festival EuropaCinema and the TaorminaFilmFest. He is the founder and the director of Casa del Cinema (House of Cinema) in Rome...
48. Gino Latilla Gino Latilla Actor, Presentimento
49. Esin Afsar Esin Afsar Self, Eurovision sarki yarismasi
50. Nicola Vendola Nicola Vendola Self, Pinuccio Lovero Yes I Can
1-50 of 77 names.