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1. Tania Gunadi Tania Gunadi Actress, Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero Tania Gunadi was born in Bandung, Java, Indonesia. She won a green card lottery when she was a teenager and moved to Los Angeles. Tania started her career on the Disney Channel in TV series and movies, including Pixel Perfect, Go Figure, Imagination Movers and Aaron Stone (her first series regular role)...
2. Uli Auliani Uli Auliani Actress, Java Heat Born in the exotic village of Bandung in Indonesia, Uli started her career early on the catwalk. After being discovered in 2004, she was urged to relocate to Jakarta where she began her entertainment career. Uli's universal looks and striking charisma quickly shot her to the top of the Asian entertainment industry...
3. Laudya Cynthia Bella Laudya Cynthia Bella Actress, Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan
4. Barry Prima Barry Prima Actor, Golok setan Barry Prima (real name Bertus Knoch) was born in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. His father was a Dutch physician, his mother Indonesian. They had four children (three boys, one girl), with Bertus being the oldest. His sister graduated from Pajajaran University in Bandung with a medical degree and is a doctor, but Bertus only got his high school degree from Aloysius High School in Bandung...
5. Nike Ardilla Nike Ardilla Actress, Olga dan sepatu roda
6. Winky Wiryawan Winky Wiryawan Actor, The Uninvited Winky Wiryawan a.k.a Nurayendra Irwindo (born in Bandung, West Java, December 9, 1973) is an Indonesian actor. He is also known as a DJ (disc jockey) in Jakarta, by the name DJ Winky. His involvement in entertainment began in commercials for Nescafe, Ponds, and Relaxa. He was later offered a role as...
7. Ricky Harun Ricky Harun Actor, Suster keramas 2
8. Rianti Cartwright Rianti Cartwright Actress, Ayat-ayat cinta
9. Marijke Mann Marijke Mann Actress, Dilemma
10. Donita Donita Actress, Pupus
11. Wiwid Gunawan Wiwid Gunawan Actress, Tali pocong perawan 2
12. Sherina Munaf Sherina Munaf Actress, Petualangan Sherina
13. Irene Justine Irene Justine Actress, Sule, Ay Need You
14. Mieke Wijaya Mieke Wijaya Actress, Kembang semusim
15. Meriam Bellina Meriam Bellina Actress, Taksi 2
16. Lenny Marlina Lenny Marlina Actress, Dr. Firdaus
17. Sarah Sechan Sarah Sechan Actress, XXL: Double Extra Large
18. Nurul Arifin Nurul Arifin Actress, Naga bonar
19. Edi Brokoli Edi Brokoli Actor, Ada Apa dengan Cinta?
20. Louis Bongers Louis Bongers Actor, De wachters bij het graf
21. Rachel Maryam Sayidina Rachel Maryam Sayidina Actress, Eliana, Eliana
22. Derby Romeri Derby Romeri Actor, Love in Perth
23. Sofia W.D. Sofia W.D. Actress, Mystics in Bali
24. Johan Walhain Johan Walhain Actor, De bloeiende perzik
25. Vicky Burki Vicky Burki Self, Madame Dasima
26. Muhammad Fachroni Muhammad Fachroni Actor, Test Pack
27. Donna Harun Donna Harun Actress, D.O. (Drop Out)
28. Candil Candil Actor, Selendang rocker
29. Widhi Susila Utama Widhi Susila Utama Casting Director, Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan Widhi is Born In west java Indonesia, start his career at movie Industry at 2012 with Dapur Film Indonesia under Hanung Bramantyo. He start his career as Publicist then go to Casting Coordinator and Casting Assistant until at 2014 he start his career as a Casting Director. He's a freelance Casting Director but his core is at Dapur Film Indonesia...
30. Irfan Muhammad Abyan Irfan Muhammad Abyan
31. Johan Fabricius Johan Fabricius Writer, De scheepsjongens van Bontekoe
32. Zoraya Perucha Zoraya Perucha Actress, Yang
33. Robert Rouveroy Robert Rouveroy Cinematographer, Regen in Nagasaki
34. Lam Ting Lam Ting Actor, Tutur tinular
34 names.