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1. Bill Hunter Bill Hunter Actor, Finding Nemo Bill Hunter was one of Australia's acting legends, having worked with almost every notable Australian director and actor of the last thirty years - evidence of his genuine popularity among the public and acting fraternity alike. He started out in Australian television in the '60s (a hotbed of well written and directed drama)...
2. Kimberley Davies Kimberley Davies Actress, Psycho Beach Party
3. David Hirschfelder David Hirschfelder Composer, Australia
4. Maxine Klibingaitis Maxine Klibingaitis Actress, Candy Regentag
5. Tyra Olsen Tyra Olsen Actress, Gangbang Girl 20
6. Lucinda Cowden Lucinda Cowden Actress, Lolly's Broken Bell
7. Elsie Morison Elsie Morison Actress, Gilbert and Sullivan
8. Stuart Campbell Stuart Campbell Actor, Dragonworld
9. Reg Perry Reg Perry Cinematographer, The Story of the Kelly Gang
10. Gene Hammond-Lewis Gene Hammond-Lewis Visual Effects, X-Men: First Class
11. Myra Noblet Myra Noblet Actress, Princess Kate
12. David Hobson David Hobson Self, Hirschfelder & Hobson: Inside This Room
13. Lucas Wittingslow Lucas Wittingslow Cinematographer, Into the Dark
14. Rosina Raisbeck Rosina Raisbeck Actress, Lakmé
15. Lorraine Milne Lorraine Milne Actress, The Trespassers
16. Wal Cherry Wal Cherry Writer, Harvest of Hate
17. Steve Moneghetti Steve Moneghetti Self, Julia Morris/Steve Monaghetti
17 names.