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1. Kitty Aldridge Kitty Aldridge Actress, A Room with a View
2. Mohammed Haddad Mohammed Haddad Composer, Huna London Mohammad Haddad is a Bahraini composer and music critic. An active artist in the music scene of Bahrain and a leading composer in the film scores of Bahraini films. But unlike most musicians, it's quite rare to find a pure addicted soul that breathes, speaks and eats music, in all its forms and genres...
3. May El Calamawy May El Calamawy Actress, Santa Claus in Baghdad
4. Kapil Jhaveri Kapil Jhaveri Actor, Ishq Vishk
5. Frank Turner Frank Turner Self, Episode #1.74
6. Fatima Abdulrahim Fatima Abdulrahim Cinematographer, Living in Limbo
7. Bassam Al-Thawadi Bassam Al-Thawadi Producer, Visitor Bassam Mohammed Al Thawadi was born in Bahrain on December 13th, 1960. He grew up in Al-Qudaibiah (in the capital Manama) from 1962 until 1969. His father had a job in Saudi Arabia, during those years he started his hobby of photography. From 1974 to 1978 he made his own series of short films on 8mm...
8. Rudy Jahchan Rudy Jahchan Producer, A Comicbook Orange - Vloggercon Promo
9. Carrie Gracie Carrie Gracie Self, Goldie: DJ, Musician and Actor
10. Mohammed Jassim Mohammed Jassim Editor, Hodgkin's Mohammed Jassim is a gifted artist in movie editing and 3d graphics, who started drawing from his early childhood. In 1998 he started his training in computer drawing and digital graphics with continuous development of his skills. He achieved his major trial projects in 2002, and directly started his professional career working on TV commercial and national advertisements as an editor...
11. Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa Self, Bahrain: Pearl of the Gulf
12. Mohammed Sharafi Mohammed Sharafi Actor, Three Kings
13. Sian Lawson Sian Lawson Visual Effects, V for Vendetta
14. Fahad Mandi Fahad Mandi Actor, A Bahraini Tale
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