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1. Dar Salim Dar Salim Actor, The Devil's Double
2. Sasson Gabai Sasson Gabai Actor, Rambo III
3. Jim Al-Khalili Jim Al-Khalili Self, The Secret Life of Chaos Professor Jameel Sadik "Jim" Al-Khalili OBE is a British theoretical physicist, Author, respected BBC presenter and frequent commentator about science in British media. He holds the position of Professor of Theoretical Physics and Chair in the Public Engagement in Science at the University of Surrey...
4. Kanan Awni Kanan Awni Actor, The Wild Wild West
5. Nadira Nadira Actress, Josh Farhat (also sometimes known as Florence) Ezekiel Nadira, born on December 5, 1932, was a Baghdadi Jew, hailing from Nagpada, South Mumbai, a predominantly Muslim and Jewish locality. At the tender age of 19, she literally stormed her way into Bollywood with the movie Aan opposite Dilip Kumar, the reigning heart-throb of the times...
6. Mohamed Al Daradji Mohamed Al Daradji Producer, Syn Babilonu
7. Madan Mohan Madan Mohan Composer, Veer-Zaara Madan Mohan was one of the most respected Hindi film composers. He was also one of the most overlooked - in a career spanning 25 years, he composed music for only over around 100 films, out of which only 25 became box-office hits. This was due to his extremely fastidious nature and the number of tunes he composed for his films that were never used...
8. Ousama Rawi Ousama Rawi Cinematographer, The Tudors
9. Howard Avedis Howard Avedis Director, Texas Detour Howard holds his Master of Arts in Cinema from the University of Southern California. He was one of the top students in the cinema department, winning the coveted George Cukor Award. Howard is also a graduate of the London School of Film Technique and has a Bachelor of Arts with honors in English literature. He speaks several languages, including French...
10. Tamara Dhia Tamara Dhia Actress, The Coasters
11. Samir Samir Producer, Forget Baghdad: Jews and Arabs - The Iraqi Connection
12. Charles Saatchi Charles Saatchi Self, Ad Men
13. Shero Rauf Shero Rauf Stunts, Troy Shero Rauf is an Iraqi actor and stuntman. He was born in Baghdad, Iraq on 15 May 1979. After a year the family came back to his homeland Sulaimaniya. After 20 years living and learning in Sulaimaniya and Arbil he left Iraq to try an pursue his career. His first step was in 2002 when he met Jean-Claude Van Damme...
14. Uday Hussein Uday Hussein Self, Biography
15. Saif Kareem Saif Kareem Actor, Sacrapolitigious Saif is Iraqi American Actor and Athlete, who was Born, Raised, and served in multiple wars in his life, for 27 years, before he miraculously survived the last hellish war in Iraq, and moved to live in united states in 2010, starting a brand new life again from scratch. His Thirty-Four years of life have been full of challenges and victories since he was born...
16. Kaysar Ridha Kaysar Ridha Actor, The Young and the Restless
17. Malik Maliki Malik Maliki Director, Slow Death Malik Maliki was born on January 6, 1991 in Baghdad, Iraq. He is a self-taught independent filmmaker based out of the United States. His professional career took off in 2013 when he made his first short film, Slow Death, which has been nominated for many film festivals around the world. Since then, he has created two other short films: Slow fall (2014) and Lost Piece (2017).
18. Zaha Hadid Zaha Hadid Art Department, Pet Shop Boys: Montage - The Nightlife Tour
19. Robin Ghosh Robin Ghosh Composer, Rajdhanir Buke
20. Haitham Al-Khamissi Haitham Al-Khamissi Composer, Zaza and Gargir An Egyptian producer, film director and music composer, born in Baghdad, Iraq at 1977. Studied filmmaking at the Higher Institute of Cinema, Academy of Arts, Cairo. Since 1996, worked as a producer, director, editor, sound designer and music composer produced and directed a lot of TV commercials and documentaries...
21. Wisam Odish Wisam Odish Actor, Res dej inte!
22. Joe Balass Joe Balass Director, Joy! Portrait of a Nun
23. Adnan Al-Kaissy Adnan Al-Kaissy Actor, WWF Championship Wrestling
24. Gerhard Steffen Gerhard Steffen Actor, Die Abenteuer des braven Soldaten Schwejk
25. Shosha Goren Shosha Goren Actress, Alilot David
26. Myriam Abbas Myriam Abbas Actress, Night Shapes
27. Naji Gabbay Naji Gabbay Actor, Thriller
28. Ahmad Chalabi Ahmad Chalabi Self, The Iraq War
29. Qusay Hussein Qusay Hussein Self, Biography
30. Kenza Braiga Kenza Braiga Actress, Le boudoir
31. Kamaran Abdalla Kamaran Abdalla Actor, Dagboek van een zwakke yogi
32. Abd al-Karim Qasim Abd al-Karim Qasim
33. David Mouchtar-Samorai David Mouchtar-Samorai Director, Miss Sara Sampson
34. Sami Michael Sami Michael Writer, Hatzotzra Ba-Vadi
35. Douglas Bazi Douglas Bazi Self, 20/20
36. Omar Hashim Omar Hashim Sound Department, 50 Questions Omar Hashim was born in Baghdad, Iraq, in 1971 and had moved to England in 1976 when he turned five years of age. In 1982, he moved to Canada where he became a naturalized Canadian citizen. Omar commuted back and forth between Canada and England until 1989 when he moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, after graduating high-school...
37. Abd as-Salam Arif Abd as-Salam Arif
38. Roland Beiküfner Roland Beiküfner Actor, Leo und Claire
39. Ahmed Wasty Ahmed Wasty Actor, Elsk meg
40. Lord Saatchi Lord Saatchi Self, Breakfast with Frost
41. Samir Naqqash Samir Naqqash Self, Forget Baghdad: Jews and Arabs - The Iraqi Connection
42. Stephen Tindale Stephen Tindale Self, A Week in Politics
43. Rena Sindi Rena Sindi
44. Charles Berberian Charles Berberian Actor, Uchronia
45. Nizar Hamdoon Nizar Hamdoon Self, 60 Minutes Wednesday
46. Solhi El-Wadi Solhi El-Wadi Composer, Al-ayyam al-tawila
47. Duraid Fadhil Duraid Fadhil Composer, Samt Al Rai
48. Yousif Hafedh Yousif Hafedh
49. Rasim Al-Joumayli Rasim Al-Joumayli Actor, Zaman, l'homme des roseaux
50. Mirna Aziz Mirna Aziz Director, Bombs Over the Undergrad Mirna Aziz was born in Baghdad, Iraq. She begun singing at age 3, and acting later at 10. In 2009, she moved to the United States with her family. Participating in music and Film-making activities during her high school years helped furthered her career. She started perusing music and film at 17 years old.
1-50 of 53 names.