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1. Josh Braaten Josh Braaten Actor, Semi-Pro
2. John Madden John Madden Self, The Replacements
3. Barry Morrow Barry Morrow Writer, Rain Man Morrow pursued summer stock acting and a stint with a children's theater touring troop in Hawaii before turning to filmmaking. He was among the pioneers of the guerrilla television movement, and a founding member of UCV (Intermedia Arts) in Minneapolis. His early documentaries focused on the plight of vanishing communities...
4. Mark Ankeny Mark Ankeny Actor, Bounce
5. Geordie Hormel Geordie Hormel Music Department, Night of the Living Dead George A. Hormel was the son of Jay Catherwood and Germaine (DuBois) Hormel, CEO's of the George A. Hormel Company in Austin, Minnesota, the creators of Spam. He was the grandson of George A. Hormel, the founder of the Hormel meat packing plant in Austin. In his parent's Chateau-style home near Austin Geordie operated a hotel and restaurant known as Kingswood...
6. Tim O'Brien Tim O'Brien Writer, A Soldier's Sweetheart
7. Garrett D. Tiedemann Garrett D. Tiedemann Sound Department, Listen to Me: Alpha 1 Garrett D. Tiedemann is a filmmaker, writer, painter, musician, photographer and poet. From a very young age he was instructed in poetry and musical composition and chose to pursue film in college; earning a degree in film and media theory with intense focus on philosophy and cultural criticism at the University of Minnesota while learning the technical aspects of the trade on his own...
8. Lee Janzen Lee Janzen Actor, Tin Cup
9. Craig Hutchinson Craig Hutchinson Director, The Noiseless Valley
10. F. Gordon Selby F. Gordon Selby Miscellaneous Crew, U-47 in Scapa Flow
11. Brux Brux Editor, Playboy: Joanie Laurer, Nude Wrestling Superstar
12. Dick Enright Dick Enright Self, The Marinovich Project
13. Phil Gleason Phil Gleason Actor, Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! Phil Gleason is a mixed media sculptor whose work is focused in visual deceptions through use of lights, mirrors, magnets, and glass, in which he creates a multitude of illusions. He can be described as a visual illusionist, who is constantly striving to create new and exciting mirages. Gleason's childhood...
13 names.