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1. Suzanne Ford Suzanne Ford Actress, Grace and Frankie Suzanne Ford, seen in "Grace and Frankie" (Netflix) this season as Mary, and in the Duplass brothers' indie hit "Manson Family Vacation" (Netflix) as Janice, will also appear in the upcoming season of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" in a somewhat shocking creative departure as a hilariously vulgar New Jersey cougar...
2. John Walsh John Walsh Producer, America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back
3. John Cunningham John Cunningham Actor, Another World
4. James Gallery James Gallery Actor, Salem's Lot
5. Chris Mentillo Chris Mentillo Chris Mentillo is an American actor, horror writer, and producer. He was born in Auburn, New York, and grew up in Skaneateles, New York. Chris Mentillo is better known in the entertainment industry for his various acting extra parts via feature films, with Columbia Pictures / Sony Entertainment Picture's, and for his many award-winning and best-selling horror books, and horror productions...
6. David Myers David Myers Cinematographer, THX 1138 Ace cinematographer David Myers was well regarded in the movie industry for his sterling contributions to various rock-'n-roll music documentaries he photographed throughout his 50-year career. Myers was born on May 8, 1914, in Auburn, New York. He was inspired to become a still photographer after seeing...
7. Sam Bauso Sam Bauso Actor, Blue Sky
8. Cameron Prud'Homme Cameron Prud'Homme Actor, The Cardinal
9. Jim Adams Jim Adams Actor, Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor Born in Auburn, New York, Jim made his stage debut in kindergarten at the age of 5. He has continued to perform on stage since. His family moved to Raleigh, North Carolina his sophomore year in high school,opening the door for him to attend the University of North Carolina. Following a brief stint working in Georgia...
10. Marco Corleone Marco Corleone Actor, Porque el amor manda
11. Raymond Hitchcock Raymond Hitchcock Actor, The Tired Business Man
12. Joe Kehoskie Joe Kehoskie Self, Stealing Home: The Case of Contemporary Cuban Baseball
13. Gregory R. Norton Gregory R. Norton Producer, Non Existent Gregory R. Norton was born in central/upstate New York and was raised on horror films, Steven King novels, heavy metal and a vast majority of violent video games. He went to Cayuga Community College in 2012 and received a bachelor's degree in telecommunications with a focus on film. He currently resides in Southwest Florida with his loving (and extremely patient) girlfriend and their cat, Biscuit.
14. Thommie Walsh Thommie Walsh Actor, Jesus Christ Superstar
15. Richard Malek Richard Malek Editor, S.W.A.T.
16. Dorothy Kingdon Dorothy Kingdon Actress, Shakuntala
17. Edward Hoyt Edward Hoyt Actor, Old Coupons
18. Jon Gregory Jon Gregory Miscellaneous Crew, Shock Corridor
19. Theodore Case Theodore Case Director, Theodore Case Test Film
20. Steven Howley Steven Howley Actor, Target Audience
21. David Nelson David Nelson Camera and Electrical Department, Samuel Beckett Is Coming Soon Master's Degree in Instructional Systems Design at Florida State University; moving toward interactive media. Subsequently was DP on a film with Tony Zacarro and Tony Arkin (Alan's son) Now developing interactive software for training.
22. Robert T. Colwell Robert T. Colwell Writer, Strictly Dynamite
23. Marek Rozwood Marek Rozwood Self, Star Nation
24. Rob Morphy Rob Morphy Makeup Department, Freak Talks About Sex A life long lover of "exploitation" cinema, Morphy was practically raised in the drive-in theaters which once dotted his upstate New York home. Intrigued at an early age by the works of George A. Romero and Steven Spielberg, Morphy's taste for the fantastic was evident at an early stage of his creative development...
25. Michael Estrich Michael Estrich
26. Julie Ross Julie Ross Actress, Lady Blues
27. Bradley C. Golden Bradley C. Golden Art Department, The Wonder Years
28. Phil Kent Phil Kent Self, Lou Dobbs Tonight
29. Jeremy L. Bowen Jeremy L. Bowen Actor, Transamerican Killer
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