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1. Mitch Holleman Mitch Holleman Actor, Reba Mitch Holleman was born in Auburn, Alabama, USA in 1994, He began begging to be on television at the tender age of two. The family moved to Naples, Florida, USA and he signed with a Miami-based talent agency. By four, he had booked two national commercials for Nickelodeon and Burger King. A trip with his mother to New York resulted in numerous commercials and a guest-starring role on The Sopranos...
2. Trey Parker Trey Parker Actor, Newsies .Trey Parker Trey Parker was born and raised in Auburn, Alabama. His entertainment career started at seven when he landed the job to hype the crowd at football games as the University of Auburn's Mascot "Little Aubie". Also a natural born actor, Trey exhausted the cities creative avenues from musical theater as the leads in "Winnie the Pooh"...
3. Lacey Coan Lacey Coan Actress, Fist Fight
4. Evangeline Evangeline Actress, The Village
5. Hannah West Hannah West Actress, Bonny & Clide
6. Robert Gibbs Robert Gibbs Self, By the People: The Election of Barack Obama
7. Debra Beebe Debra Beebe Self, Survivor
8. Tom O'Mary Tom O'Mary Director, Civil War Correspondent Born in Auburn, Alabama, moved to Madison, Wisconsin while his father received a PHD degree in Animal Science until 1952. Then at age 5 his family moved to Athens, Georgia where his father became a full Professor. His mother, Grace Zwigart of Sharpsburgh, Pennsylvania was in the WAC (Women's Air Corp) during WWII...
9. Charlie Harper Charlie Harper Editor, Halftime Heroes: Coaching Beyond the X's & O's
9 names.