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1. Roger Bowen Roger Bowen Actor, MASH Roger Bowen considered writing his true vocation. He said he was writing theater reviews for the University of Chicago student newspaper when he was asked to pen material for an improvisational troupe that included Alan Arkin and Mike Nichols. The troupe, Compass Players, evolved into Chicago's famous Second City...
2. Howard Smith Howard Smith Actor, Kiss of Death
3. Robert Rounseville Robert Rounseville Actor, Carousel
4. Ray Conniff Ray Conniff Music Department, The Help
5. Tracy Morse Tracy Morse Writer, Creature
6. Victor Franko Victor Franko Actor, Hecatomb
7. Jason M. Burns Jason M. Burns Writer, Diary of a Jealous Man Named Best Indie Writer of 2008 by the Project Fanboy Awards, Jason M. Burns made the leap into the comic book industry in 2004 after being approached to write a short story for Dead@17: Rough Cut, Volume 1. Since that time he has written and created a number critically-acclaimed and commercially successful comic book series...
8. Cathy Berberian Cathy Berberian Actress, Life Is a Bed of Roses Cathy Berberian was born in Attleboro, Massachusetts to Armenian parents, who settled in New York soon after. At Columbia University, she studied opera, voice and diction, stagecraft, pantomime, and radio writing under Milton Smith, Herbert Graf, and silent screen and stage actress Getrude Keller. In 1949...
9. Cindy Benson Cindy Benson Actress, My Girl 2
10. Rob Botts Rob Botts Actor, A Line in the Sand
11. Kyle Morrison Kyle Morrison Miscellaneous Crew, The Amazing Spider-Man
12. Robert F. Botts Sr. Robert F. Botts Sr. Actor, A Line in the Sand
13. Melinda Buckley Melinda Buckley Miscellaneous Crew, Stuart Little
14. Jeanne Hebert Jeanne Hebert Self, Survivor
15. Nathan J. McCoy Nathan J. McCoy Art Department, Conversations with Other Women
16. William Raymond Manchester William Raymond Manchester Writer, American Caesar
17. Paul Bisch Paul Bisch Music Department, Hägar the Horrible
18. Lesley Viveiros Lesley Viveiros Actress, Nuns with Guns
19. J. Chris Quint J. Chris Quint Actor, The Grateful Undead
20. Emily Richmond Emily Richmond Miscellaneous Crew, FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman
21. Deirdre Dady Deirdre Dady Actress, Swimming Upstream
22. Jeanine Castle Jeanine Castle Actress, Faded Dreams
23. David Botts David Botts Sound Department, A Line in the Sand
24. Andrew Deschenes Andrew Deschenes Miscellaneous Crew, Third Date
25. Joseph W. Martin Jr. Joseph W. Martin Jr. Self, See It Now
25 names.