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1. Amelia Earhart Amelia Earhart
2. Stanley Price Stanley Price Actor, Dopey Dicks Prolific western utility player, in Hollywood from 1932. Noticeable for his dusky looks, hypnotic stare and crocodilian smile, Price was perhaps one of the busier small-part actors of the period, as attested by the fact, that -- in 1939 alone -- he worked for 52 weeks and earned $2700. He served in the military during the latter stages of World War I and thereafter acted on stage in the Midwest...
3. Rory Feek Rory Feek Producer, To Joey, with Love
4. Bob Cunningham Bob Cunningham Actor, It Started in Naples
5. Robert Cunningham Robert Cunningham Actor, Circus World
6. Eleanor Bayley Eleanor Bayley Actress, The Gay Divorcee
7. Ernest Wood Ernest Wood Actor, Horse Shoes
8. Charles F. Calhoun Charles F. Calhoun Soundtrack, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
9. Jane Kilkenny Jane Kilkenny Art Department, The Day After Tomorrow
10. Steam Train Maury Steam Train Maury
11. Frank Conklin Frank Conklin Actor, Federal Man-Hunt
12. Dusty Shaffer Dusty Shaffer Actor, Dusty's Story
13. Kid Herman Kid Herman Actor, Sophie Lang Goes West Will "Kid" Herman came out of Kansas City as a dancer and piano player; around the time of America's entry into World War I, he moved west to Los Angeles and soon became involved in the motion picture world; for a number of years he appeared in numerous bit parts in major motion pictures; as well as...
13 names.