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1. Ozzy Osbourne Ozzy Osbourne Soundtrack, This Is the End Born in Birmingham, England, after leaving school and having many odd jobs he ended up in a band with Geezer Butler. This group then split leading Ozzy and Geezer to join Tony Iommi and Bill Ward in a new band that went under several names (including Earth) that ended up being called Black Sabbath after a song of the same name that appeared on their first album (released 1969/70)...
2. Valerie Minifie Valerie Minifie Actress, British Men Behaving Badly
3. Michael Peake Michael Peake Actor, The Gorgon
4. Joan Heath Joan Heath Actress, Steptoe and Son Joan Heath also appeared in 'Coronation Street' in 1960 playing May Hardman who was the first character to be killed off in the show. Her character was referred to in episode two but was first seen in episode three and for the following four episodes making her final appearance in the show on 30th December 1960.
5. Wally Thomas Wally Thomas Actor, The Meaning of Life
6. Peggy Bryan Peggy Bryan Actress, Dead of Night
7. Rhys Barter Rhys Barter Editor, Anti Matter
8. Maggie Moone Maggie Moone Actress, The Russ Abbot Show Maggie Moone, recording artiste, singer and actress. Winner of New Faces and maximum votes from record producer Mickie Most. Tied for first place in "A Song For Europe 1980" with the Don Black song Happy Everything. Went on to become a family favourite as the resident singer in the five network series of Name That June in the 1980's...
9. Hamish Roughead Hamish Roughead Actor, Trumpet in the Clouds
10. Kenneth Keeling Kenneth Keeling Actor, Crucible of Terror
11. Harry Herbert Harry Herbert Actor, A Sister to Assist 'Er
12. Winifred Hindle Winifred Hindle Actress, A Cup of Happiness
13. John Brockington John Brockington Self, The Last Projectionist John Royston Brockington was born on September 28, 1940. He fell in love with the light radiating from the projectionists porthole in his local cinema at a very early age - it is a love he still keeps close to his heart today. He worked his way up from Rewind boy to Senior Projectionist and Cinema Manager...
14. George Raymonde George Raymonde Actor, Crossroads
15. Doris Littlewood Doris Littlewood Actress, Little Dorrit
16. R. Heaton Grey R. Heaton Grey Actor, The Fall of a Saint
16 names.