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1. François-Xavier Demaison François-Xavier Demaison Actor, Little Nicholas
2. Yves Allégret Yves Allégret Director, The Proud and the Beautiful
3. Janine Darcey Janine Darcey Actress, Rififi
4. Nicole Jamet Nicole Jamet Writer, L'oiseau rare
5. Alfred Adam Alfred Adam Actor, The American Beauty Tall, but never standing uptight, even looking a bit sloppy; a drowsy look but with a twinkle of irony in the eye; a grumbling tone but not without some sympathy underlying; a winning drawling Paris accent; You may have recognized Alfred Adam, the French actor par excellence. Adam could as well be the nasty type as the regular working-class Parisian...
6. Francis Rigaud Francis Rigaud Writer, Hurrah for Adventure!
7. Rinaldo Bassi Rinaldo Bassi Director, Un merveilleux parfum d'oseille
8. Charles Maudru Charles Maudru Director, Serge Panine
9. Jacques Natanson Jacques Natanson Writer, La Ronde
10. Henri Barbusse Henri Barbusse Writer, Prividenie, kotoroe ne vozvrashchaetsya
11. André Pierdel André Pierdel Art Department, Mr. Hulot's Holiday
12. William Gallas William Gallas Self, Final: Italy vs. France
13. Pierre Ferval Pierre Ferval Actor, Dans les griffes de la peur
14. Claude-Marie Trémois Claude-Marie Trémois Self, L'univers de Jacques Demy
15. Ginette Keller Ginette Keller Composer, Ondine
16. Pierre Maudru Pierre Maudru Writer, Monsieur Hector
17. Georges Folgoas Georges Folgoas Director, De Serge Gainsbourg à Gainsbarre de 1958 - 1991
18. Françoise Soulié Françoise Soulié Actress, French Touch
19. Henri Sarrade Henri Sarrade Cinematographer, Daumier
20. Robert Gys Robert Gys Production Designer, Fan-Fan the Tulip
20 names.