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1. Mark Casimir Dyniewicz Mark Casimir Dyniewicz Actor, American Horror Story
2. Vito Glazers Vito Glazers Producer, Chop Chop TV Show Vito Glazers is a veteran Internet entrepreneur, investor, producer, author and bilingual TV personality and actor. Vito got his start on Television as a one time correspondent on Telemundo's Al Rojo Vivo (2009). Later on he was cast to be the lead in the season finale of WE TV's Mystery Millionaire (2014)...
3. Ginny McSwain Ginny McSwain Miscellaneous Crew, Garfield and Friends Ginny McSwain is a voice actress, voice casting director, and animation production professional from Los Angeles, CA. McSwain graduated from Stephens College in 1974, before moving to Los Angeles. She has worked as casting director on numerous projects for Hanna-Barbera, including The New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show, The Kwicky Koala Show and The Smurfs...
4. Bill Wohlken Bill Wohlken Production Manager, Chef A veteran of production and distribution, Bill served as an executive at Sony for over a decade including Columbia, Screen Gems, SPWAG, and Stage 6 Films. After Sony, Bill moved on to become a H.O.D. at FilmDistrict, and for Focus Features. After deciding to go back into freelance, Bill is working with his long...
5. James Huffman James Huffman Editorial Department, Forever
6. Lana Moore Lana Moore Actress, Deep Throat This 10
7. Jori Davison Jori Davison Actress, 100 Tears
8. Paul Straw Paul Straw Miscellaneous Crew, The Dark Knight
9. Mike Myers Mike Myers Self, History Rings True: Red Sox Opening Day Ring Ceremony
10. Chris Nowinski Chris Nowinski Actor, WWE Raw
11. Tiffany Remley Tiffany Remley Actress, WatchUsDie.com
12. Jan Ohrstrom Jan Ohrstrom Producer, Valhalla Club Documentary Jan Ohrstrom was born in Arlington Heights, Illinois on September 28, 1981 and has been a pro wrestler since the age of 16. He was trained at the legendary School of Hard Knocks in San Bernadino, California under the mentorship of Jesse Hernandez. He proceeded to wrestle all around the Southwest United States and Mexico and obtained his first role in a movie as Al Katrazz in "Backyard Dogs"...
13. Madeline Long Madeline Long Actress, Danny Roane: First Time Director
14. Michelle Sleger Michelle Sleger Miscellaneous Crew, The Break-Up
15. Joseph M. Kaiser Joseph M. Kaiser Actor, The Quarry
16. Nick Senter Nick Senter Producer, Taking the Stage
17. Jimmy John Liautaud Jimmy John Liautaud Self, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives Jimmy John Liautaud is the owner, founder & chairman of Jimmy John's sandwich chain. After graduating from high school, Liautaud used a $25,000 loan from his father to start a business which now has over 2,500 locations across the United States and is still growing. The company has become one of the fastest growing quick service restaurants in the country...
18. Jeff Dolniak Jeff Dolniak Producer, Smoke Signals Jeff Dolniak is a long-time cult and horror movie fan who turned his hobby into a series of projects. As co-founder of Ban 1 Productions, he co-created the "42nd Street Forever" trailer compilation series. He has acted in a number of films and series, performed stand-up comedy, and has contributed to several podcasts...
19. Dennis Brucks Dennis Brucks Writer, April Fools' Day Dennis Brucks was born in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights, Illinois. He has four older brothers. He attended St. James School from Kindergarten through 8th grade. He attended St. Viator High School for all four years. He attended University of Iowa as an undergrad. There he received his BA in Cinema. He lives in Los Angeles.
20. Julie Hauwiller Julie Hauwiller Actress, An Immigrant Girl's Journey
21. Charles T. Henry Charles T. Henry Miscellaneous Crew, Bedazzled
22. Jarrett Payton Jarrett Payton Self, Summerslam
23. Rachel Roth Rachel Roth Director, The Man Behind the Music
24. Katey Bright Katey Bright Editor, Women Behind the Camera
25. Pat Barnes Pat Barnes Self, 1996 Aloha Bowl
26. Jed Hathaway Jed Hathaway Production Designer, Robot Chicken
27. Christopher Leman Christopher Leman Actor, Alien Escape
28. Brian McBride Brian McBride Self, 2006 FIFA World Cup
29. Nick Hidaka Nick Hidaka Miscellaneous Crew, Lenexa, 1 Mile
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