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1. Jan Bijvoet Jan Bijvoet Actor, Borgman
2. Marie Vinck Marie Vinck Actress, Adem
3. Evelien Bosmans Evelien Bosmans Actress, Welp
4. Edward José Edward José Director, The Iron Claw Belgian-born Edward José began his film career as an actor, starring opposite Theda Bara in one of her most famous films, A Fool There Was. Turning to directing shortly afterwards, he handled several Pearl White serials, and piloted many features in the late 1910s and early 1920s. His most ambitious film was The Beloved Vagabond...
5. Kristine Van Pellicom Kristine Van Pellicom Actress, Innocence
6. Greg Timmermans Greg Timmermans Actor, Ben X
7. Serge Falck Serge Falck Actor, Medicopter 117 - Jedes Leben zählt Born in Schoten, Antwerpen as the son of a famous Belgian politician and an even more famous Belgian-Austrian singer, Serge was predestined for a career in the public life. On turning nineteen, Serge moved to live with his aunt (the sister of his mother), who was a singer-actress in Vienna, Austria...
8. Sandrine André Sandrine André Actress, Familie
9. Mark Punt Mark Punt Writer, Frits & Franky
10. Raoul Lévy Raoul Lévy Producer, ...And God Created Woman
11. Frank Vercruyssen Frank Vercruyssen Actor, Any Way the Wind Blows
12. Nathalie Vernier Nathalie Vernier Actress, Ça
13. Louisa Colpeyn Louisa Colpeyn Actress, Band of Outsiders
14. Freddy Coppens Freddy Coppens Director, Windkracht 10
15. Rita Poelvoorde Rita Poelvoorde Actress, Bolero
16. Matthias Lebeer Matthias Lebeer Director, Brod ludaka Matthias is an award-winning director based in London. Having graduated from Prague's FAMU, his career took off when his short film, "Brod Ludaka", got listed for an Oscar. Matthias's background is TV Commercial directing. He got known for the branded content TV Series "GT Academy". His directing talent is based on his ability to deliver visual storytelling and character-driven pieces.
17. Bob Van der Veken Bob Van der Veken Actor, De collega's
18. Rik Andries Rik Andries Actor, Thuis
19. Guido De Craene Guido De Craene Actor, The Hessen Conspiracy
20. Wim Helsen Wim Helsen Actor, Dirty Mind
21. Jenne Decleir Jenne Decleir Actor, W817
22. Tom Barman Tom Barman Director, Any Way the Wind Blows
23. Rudi Delhem Rudi Delhem Actor, Familie
24. Jan Van Dyke Jan Van Dyke Actor, 2 straten verder
25. Chris Cauwenbergs Chris Cauwenbergs Actor, De kabouterschat
26. Hilde Uitterlinden Hilde Uitterlinden Actress, The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short
27. Donald Madder Donald Madder Actor, Thuis
28. Ellen Petri Ellen Petri Actress, Exit
29. Herman Gilis Herman Gilis Actor, Temmink: The Ultimate Fight
30. Polly Geerts Polly Geerts Actress, Wenn die Conny mit dem Peter
31. Alex Van Haecke Alex Van Haecke Actor, Galaxy Park
32. Jos Kennis Jos Kennis Actor, Jacobus en Corneel
33. Leo Rozenstraten Leo Rozenstraten Actor, Pallieter
34. Frieda Pittoors Frieda Pittoors Actress, Meisje
35. Alex Cassiers Alex Cassiers Actor, Pa heeft een lief
36. Eric Kerremans Eric Kerremans Actor, Familie
37. Jef Geeraerts Jef Geeraerts Writer, The Memory of a Killer
38. Max Schnur Max Schnur Actor, Benidorm
39. Eric Pauwels Eric Pauwels Director, Letter from a Filmmaker to His Daughter
40. Jef Cassiers Jef Cassiers Actor, Johan en de Alverman
41. Erik Goris Erik Goris Actor, Familie
42. Kobe Van Herwegen Kobe Van Herwegen Actor, Spring
43. Mieke Verheyden Mieke Verheyden Actress, Left Luggage
44. Hugo Danckaert Hugo Danckaert Actor, Witse
45. Marlene Edeling Marlene Edeling Actress, Het afscheid
46. Annie Van Lier Annie Van Lier Actress, Ik zag Cecilia komen
47. Hans Royaards Hans Royaards Actor, Café Majestic
48. Michael Vroemans Michael Vroemans Actor, Familie
49. Bernard Verheyden Bernard Verheyden Actor, De loteling
50. Ugo Prinsen Ugo Prinsen Actor, Het glas van roem en dood
1-50 of 224 names.