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1. Timo Descamps Timo Descamps Actor, Judas Kiss
2. Ulu Grosbard Ulu Grosbard Director, The Deep End of the Ocean A former diamond cutter in his native Belgium, Ulu Grosbard was educated at the University of Chicago, then attended the Yale Drama School. Becoming a stage director in 1957, Grosbard directed many successful Broadway shows. In the early '60s Grosbard journeyed to Hollywood, where he was hired as an assistant director on several productions...
3. Christophe St. Jacques Christophe St. Jacques Actor, Echoes
4. Ann Ceurvels Ann Ceurvels Actress, Badry's Alibi
5. Gene Bervoets Gene Bervoets Actor, The Vanishing
6. Jean Servais Jean Servais Actor, Rififi
7. Herbert Flack Herbert Flack Actor, Jumping
8. Véronique De Kock Véronique De Kock Self, 4 op 4
9. Harry Kümel Harry Kümel Director, Daughters of Darkness
10. Hilde Van Mieghem Hilde Van Mieghem Actress, Sailors Don't Cry
11. Ghislain Cloquet Ghislain Cloquet Cinematographer, Love and Death
12. Kevin Janssens Kevin Janssens Actor, Stormforce
13. Hans Herbots Hans Herbots Director, Verlengd weekend
14. Bettine Le Beau Bettine Le Beau Actress, The Best of Benny Hill Bettine Le Beau was separated from her parents at a young age and was taken to two concentration camps during the Holocaust. She eventually escaped from Camp DeGurs on the border of Spain and headed to France, where she was hidden by a family, saving her life. She went to England in 1945, where she attended Pitman's College in Southampton Row...
15. Henri Garcin Henri Garcin Actor, The Pink Panther
16. Katherine Brim Katherine Brim Art Department, Vamp U
17. Ann Codee Ann Codee Actress, Can-Can
18. Frank Aendenboom Frank Aendenboom Actor, Vrijdag
19. Antje de Boeck Antje de Boeck Actress, Daens
20. Joy Anna Thielemans Joy Anna Thielemans Actress, Dave
21. Dirk Roofthooft Dirk Roofthooft Actor, The Memory of a Killer
22. Gert Winckelmans Gert Winckelmans Actor, Cocoon
23. Dora van der Groen Dora van der Groen Actress, Antonia's Line
24. Jacques Vermeire Jacques Vermeire Actor, Max Jaques Vermeire was born May 27, 1951. His first steps to fame were in the program 'De Drie Wijzen'. He was soon hired as the funny garage holder DDT (Dimitri De Tremmerie) in the Flemish comedy 'F.C. De Kampioenen'. In 1998 he went to work with a different television station VTM. He married in 1999 with Eva, a woman who was much younger then him. The marriage ended in 2001.
25. Hadise Açikgöz Hadise Açikgöz Self, Episode dated 19 October 2007
26. George Bruggeman George Bruggeman Actor, You Hit the Spot
27. Ward de Ravet Ward de Ravet Actor, Soldier of Orange
28. Tania Kloek Tania Kloek Actress, Rendez-vous
29. Roger Van Hool Roger Van Hool Actor, The Woman Next Door
30. Arnold Willems Arnold Willems Actor, Episode #14.36
31. Annick Segal Annick Segal Actress, Episode #14.99
32. Eddie Brugman Eddie Brugman Actor, A Question of Silence
33. Jacques Castelot Jacques Castelot Actor, Children of Paradise
34. Jacques Sternberg Jacques Sternberg Writer, Je t'aime je t'aime
35. Guy Lee Thys Guy Lee Thys Producer, Suspect
36. Arthur Boni Arthur Boni Actor, Soldier of Orange
37. Martine Franck Martine Franck Actress, La dernière fugue
38. Anouck Lepere Anouck Lepere Self, New York LA LA LA
39. Britt van der Borght Britt van der Borght Actress, W817
40. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui Miscellaneous Crew, Anna Karenina
41. Tim Driesen Tim Driesen Self, Idool 2004
42. George Arrendell George Arrendell Actor, Everybody's Famous! George Arrendell was born in Antwerp in 1968, the elder son of a South American percussionist and a Belgian painter. He speaks fluent English, Dutch and French. Through the 1980s George made his pocket money as a breakdancer and rap artist and, after graduating from High School, he started working as a model in different parts of Europe...
43. Guido Henderickx Guido Henderickx Director, Skin
44. Janca Janca Actress, Viv Thomas Amateurs Vol. 1
45. Jana Geurts Jana Geurts Actress, Atoomalarm
46. Elias Mentzel Elias Mentzel Director, Kite
47. Francis Bay Francis Bay Music Department, Lize Marke: Internationaal
48. Gert Lahousse Gert Lahousse Actor, Ad Fundum
49. Wouter Boels Wouter Boels Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, The Intruder
50. Wim Danckaert Wim Danckaert Actor, Soul Born 5th of July 1962 in Antwerp, Belgium. Studied acting at the conservatory of Antwerp, led by Dora van der Groen, graduated in 1984. Worked as actor in almost every theater in Flanders, 9 years as a member of the Royal Flemish Theatre in Brussels. Worked for television as actor for several series, and as acting coach for 'Flikken' (VRT-Multimedia).
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