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1. Christophe Gans Christophe Gans Director, Brotherhood of the Wolf Born in 1960 in Antibes (in the South of France), Christophe Gans became crazy about movies at an early stage. As a teenager, he made a lot of samurai and kung fu super-8 films with his friends. At the end of the seventies, he founded the fanzine "Rhesus Zero" about B-movies. In 1980, he studied at the French cinema school Idhec and directed a short movie called "Silver Slime"...
2. Sabine Sun Sabine Sun Actress, Roger la Honte
3. Nicolas Boukhrief Nicolas Boukhrief Producer, Silent Hill
4. Anthony Gonzalez Anthony Gonzalez Composer, Oblivion
5. Sebastien Soudais Sebastien Soudais Stunts, The Sisters Brothers Sebastien Soudais, born in 1983 in Antibes, France, began practicing Martial arts, more specifically Kung Fu at the age of 5. He has won the French Championship several times. He as done stunts in several films such as American film Funky Monkey for Werner Bros, The Dreamers, A Very Long Engagement...
6. Freedom Doran Freedom Doran Actor, The Five Classically trained, Freedom Doran born in Antibes - 13 years old - has starred in many promotions and TV shows for companies including Sky Living, Formula 1 and Lawn Tennis Association. He has been trained by Kerrie Mailey who has casted shows from Kick Ass to Hank Zipzer and attends regular classes at the prestigious Everyman Theatre...
7. Axelle Parker Axelle Parker Actress, X Femmes
8. Judith Miller Judith Miller Self, Rendez-vous chez Lacan
9. Jean-Jacques Steen Jean-Jacques Steen Actor, Au théâtre ce soir
10. Christian Bourgois Christian Bourgois Producer, Sushi Sushi
11. Jacques Audiberti Jacques Audiberti Writer, La poupée
12. Christophe Ecoffet Christophe Ecoffet Cinematographer, Bareback ou La guerre des sens
13. Florence Davis Florence Davis Actress, Une Chambre en Ville
14. Jacques Fusilier Jacques Fusilier Producer, Woyzeck
15. Nikolai Romanov Nikolai Romanov Self, Last of the Czars
16. Dimitri Romanov Dimitri Romanov Self, A Royal Family
16 names.