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1. Ennis Esmer Ennis Esmer Actor, YPF Ennis originally came to Toronto from Ankara, Turkey at the age of 3. He trained at Second City while attending the fine arts high school Earl Haig (where he studied theatre & improv, produced monthly variety shows and performed his first sketch comedy.) He made it through three years of theatre training at York University before getting the boot...
2. Cansu Dere Cansu Dere Actress, Behzat Ç.: Seni Kalbime Gömdüm
3. Beren Saat Beren Saat Actress, Benim Dünyam Beren Saat (born on 26 February 1984) is a Turkish actress, best known for her leading roles as Yasemin Unsal in the ATV series Hatirla Sevgili (2006-2008), as Bihter Yöreoglu Ziyagil in the Kanal D series Ask-i Memnu (2008-2010), as Fatmagül Ketenci Ilgaz in Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? (2010-2012), and as Derin Çelik/Yagmur Özden in the drama series Intikam (2013-2014)...
4. Belçim Bilgin Belçim Bilgin Actress, The Butterfly's Dream Belçim Bilgin Erdogan, (b. January 31, 1983, Ankara) is a cinema and range of players. He was born on January 31, 1983. Indicating that one of the players who would be connected to the theater since childhood Belçim information in these years. After finishing elementary school Elementary School Salih Alptekin moved to Iskenderun due to his father's determination.
5. Mert Firat Mert Firat Actor, The Butterfly's Dream Mert Firat was born in Ankara, Turkey. He took the Radio & Television courses in Sweden after the graduation from high school. After that he got back in Ankara and took acting courses in Ankara University. He graduated in 2006. He wrote two cinema films with Ilksen Basarir, Baska Dilde Ask and Atlikarinca. Moreover, he is acting as Caesar in Antonuis and Kleopatra theatre in Istanbul, Turkey.
6. Kenan Imirzalioglu Kenan Imirzalioglu Actor, Toss-Up Kenan Imirzalioglu was born on 18 June 1974 in Bala, Ankara, Turkey as the youngest of three children. He graduated in Mathematics from the Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey. In Istanbul he also began modeling for an agency and in 1997, he became Model of the World. Eventually, he started...
7. Engin Akyürek Engin Akyürek Actor, A Small September Affair He was born and raised in Ankara. He graduated from Ankara University Department of History. His first TV series was Yabanci Damat. After increasing the number of his fans by this series he shot his first movie "Kader" in 2006. With "Cevat" role in this movie, he won CASOD "Promising Actor", and SIYAD "Promising Actor" Awards in 2006...
8. Ozman Sirgood Ozman Sirgood Actor, The Hot Chick Ozman Sirgood is a versatile and established actor who works on Film and Television projects on both sides of the Atlantic. A celebrity in his native Turkey, Ozman makes his home in Los Angeles. Ozman was born as Osman Soykut in Ankara, Turkey. He attended Frankfurt International School and TED Ankara Koleji. Holds a B.A. in Architecture from the Middle East Technical University...
9. Serkan Altunorak Serkan Altunorak Actor, Benim ve roz'un sonbahari
10. Bugra Gülsoy Bugra Gülsoy Actor, Eski hikaye In 2004 Gülsoy graduated in Architecture from the Dogu Akdeniz University in North Cypress. During his time as an architecture student, he also pursued acting, appearing in various plays at the state theatre in North Cypress. He is also a photographer, graphic designer and a short film director as well as head of the Short Film Festival in North Cypress.
11. Joe Strummer Joe Strummer Soundtrack, Black Hawk Down Although best known as the outspoken front man for legendary punk rock group The Clash, Joe Strummer also carved out an interesting niche as an actor once the band broke up. The Clash formed in 1976, and along with the Sex Pistols spearheaded the British punk rock scene. By 1979, The Clash had broadened their musical horizons at a time when most punk bands were painting themselves into a corner...
12. Hümeyra Hümeyra Actress, My Grandfather's People Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Humeyra has been a major recording artist there for the last 30 years. She's also known as a very accomplished actress and has done many films, and currently performs for the Metropolitan Theater Company in Istanbul. She has been in the U.S. for almost a year now, living in California.
13. Fadik Sevin Atasoy Fadik Sevin Atasoy Actress, Usta
14. Onur Saylak Onur Saylak Actor, Autumn Arif Onur Saylak was born in Ankara but raised in Kusadasi (Aydin), Turkey. Until he discovered his passion in theatre, he studied physics at the Middle East Technical University (METU). However, he quit his unlucky choice of studies and tried his luck in a totally different field, public administration at Ankara University...
15. Erdal Besikçioglu Erdal Besikçioglu Actor, Behzat Ç.: Seni Kalbime Gömdüm
16. Saygin Soysal Saygin Soysal Actor, Kosmos
17. Özcan Deniz Özcan Deniz Actor, Where's Firuze?
18. Basak Köklükaya Basak Köklükaya Actress, Everything About Mustafa
19. Asli Tandogan Asli Tandogan Actress, For Love and Honor
20. Tardu Flordun Tardu Flordun Actor, Behzat Ç.: Seni Kalbime Gömdüm
21. Deniz Çakir Deniz Çakir Actress, 40 Sexy and talented Deniz Cakir (b. 31 December, 1983) was born on Ankara. She completed her theater education on Hacattepe Universite Ankara State Conservatoty. Then, she moved to Istanbul and made her television debut with the television series Kadin Isterse (2004). After, she made television movie "Sogutlu Hacer Ana" and made another comedy series "Iste Benim" (2006) and "Iki arada ask" (2005)...
22. Ebru Ceylan Ebru Ceylan Writer, Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
23. Pelin Karahan Pelin Karahan Actress, Sevgili gunluk biraderim
24. Pinar Ögün Pinar Ögün Actress, Closed Circuit
25. Fatih Artman Fatih Artman Actor, Bana Masal Anlatma
26. Burak Tamdogan Burak Tamdogan Actor, Beynelmilel
27. Safak Sezer Safak Sezer Actor, G.O.R.A.
28. Sarp Levendoglu Sarp Levendoglu Actor, Yes Sir
29. Füsun Demirel Füsun Demirel Actress, Don't Let Them Shoot the Kite Born in Ankara in 1958, Füsun Demirel left her home shores in 1976 to spend the next four years in Italy. Mastering Italian in the first year, she then trained as an actress at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome. Her professional stage career was launched in 1980 at the Collective Theatre in Berlin under the direction of Vasif Gören...
30. Civan Canova Civan Canova Actor, Eve dönüs
31. Ceyda Ates Ceyda Ates Actress, Çiragan Baskini
32. Serdar Akar Serdar Akar Director, On Board He was born in 1964, in Ankara, Turkey. Graduated from Economic and Commercial Sciences Academy in 1985 and from Cinema & TV department of Mimar Sinan University in 1994. Worked as assistant to several Turkish directors.
33. Fatih Al Fatih Al Actor, Our Grand Despair
34. Murat Han Murat Han Actor, Bliss
35. Hande Subasi Hande Subasi Actress, Anadolu Kartallari
36. Kartal Tibet Kartal Tibet Director, Turks in Space
37. Sevinç Ibrahim Sevinç Ibrahim Actor, Behzat Ç.: Ankara Yaniyor
38. Tamer Karadagli Tamer Karadagli Actor, A Touch of Spice Born in 1967, he graduated from Bilkent University, Department of Theatre. He played some TVs series but as from 2002 after he acted in the very popular sit-com: "Çocuklar Duymasin" (Children Shall Not Hear) he became very popular on Turkish TV. In the period between 1993 and 2002 he had leading roles in several TV projects...
39. Muharrem Gulmez Muharrem Gulmez Producer, Behzat Ç.: Bir Ankara Polisiyesi
40. Didem Balçin Didem Balçin Actress, Dance with the Jackals 2
41. Meral Okay Meral Okay Writer, Magnificent Century
42. Sema Ergenekon Sema Ergenekon Writer, Kara Para Ask
43. Zafer Ergin Zafer Ergin Actor, Wildheart: Hell of Boomerang
44. Hilmi Sözer Hilmi Sözer Actor, Manitou's Shoe
45. Ömer Kavur Ömer Kavur Director, Karsilasma
46. Sezin Akbasogullari Sezin Akbasogullari Actress, Fakat Müzeyyen Bu Derin Bir Tutku
47. Rahman Altin Rahman Altin Composer, Vizontele Tuuba
48. Bengü Ergin Bengü Ergin Actress, Eyyvah Eyvah
49. Filiz Akin Filiz Akin Actress, Ankara ekspresi She was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1943. After graduating from Ted Ankara College, she left university for a career in cinema. She was formerly married to producer / director 'Türker Inanoglu (I)' and they had one child - Ýlker.
50. Öykü Serter Öykü Serter Actress, Istanbul sahidimdir
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