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1. Michael Champion Michael Champion Actor, Total Recall
2. Matt Lutz Matt Lutz Actor, A Walk to Remember
3. Cory Edwards Cory Edwards Writer, Hoodwinked!
4. Max Terhune Max Terhune Actor, Santa Fe Stampede Four years after appearing with Gene Autry on a national radio show in 1932 he went to Hollywood. By that time he Max was a skilled vaudevillian (magician, juggler, whistler, impressionist, card tricks). His specialty was ventriloquism. On the Orpheum Circuit his dummy was named Skully Null; he became Elmer Sneezeweed in the movies...
5. Jon McLaughlin Jon McLaughlin Soundtrack, Bridge to Terabithia
6. Matthew W. Allen Matthew W. Allen Actor, Ghost Whisperer He is a 1995 graduate of Frankton High School in the very small town of Frankton, Indiana. He was an avid artist and painter in high school. Matthew first started acting after a friend of his ask for help while he was making a movie in College. Matthew was asked to portray a small role and then also to help with the sword fight choreography...
7. Joe Norman Shaw Joe Norman Shaw Actor, Forsaken Joe Norman Shaw was born in Anderson, Indiana, in 1957 to Norman and Mary Shaw. In 1966 he moved to Elgin, Illinois, and began acting at Kimball Jr. High School. In 1972 the family moved to the east end of Toronto (Scarborough), where Joe continued to act in plays, perform dramatic monologues and was active on the wrestling team at West Hill Collegiate Institute...
8. Fred Waugh Fred Waugh Stunts, Minority Report
9. Krystal Krystal Soundtrack, The Princess Diaries
10. Joshua J. Greene Joshua J. Greene Writer, Fameless
11. Jim Dougherty Jim Dougherty Actor, House of Cards Jim is a character actor who studied theatre and film at Indiana University. He spent several years in Chicago training as a stuntman under John Hicks Pearce, and helped develop The Chicago Stunt Team. He also attended and managed The Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts for several years. Jim's early film work started with precision driving for Nora Ephron's film Michael...
12. Ray Enright Ray Enright Director, 'Gung Ho!': The Story of Carlson's Makin Island Raiders Ray Enright, born in Anderson, Indiana, came to Los Angeles with his family at the age of five. He attended Los Angeles High School and in 1913 started motion picture work as an assistant cutter at the Mack Sennett studio. He served in World War I as a member of the Signal Corps. After the war he returned to Hollywood and joined Thomas H. Ince as a cutter...
13. Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Writer, That Darn Cat!
14. Kris Roe Kris Roe Soundtrack, The Perfect Score Kris Roe is the lead singer and guitarist of California punk band The Ataris. He started the band in 1995 when he gave a demo CD to The Vandals band member Warren Fitzgerald who liked it so much he insisted they get their band up and running. Signing up with Joe Escalante (also of the vandals) owner of Kung Fu records...
15. Susanna Harter Susanna Harter Actress, The Wool Cap Born into a family of four sisters and three brothers in the working town of Anderson, Indiana, Susanna was destined to enter the world of showbiz despite the fact she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a J.D. from the Indiana University School of Law. Her first taste of the theater was early grade school and continued right through high school where she wrote...
16. Krystal Harris Krystal Harris Editorial Department, Time Runner
17. Damon Williams Damon Williams Actor, Going Postal Damon Was born in Indiana, but was raised in El Paso, Texas. Damon was accepted to the advanced educational system known as Project Challenge in Elementary School and then advanced to the Advanced Paced Teaching in Middle School. He then started high school and was involved in Marching Band. There he graduated with honors and moved to Lubbock...
18. John P. Austin John P. Austin Set Decorator, Diamonds Are Forever
19. Gary Burton Gary Burton Music Department, Afterglow
20. James Lorimer James Lorimer Actor, A Foreign Affair
21. Brian Reed Brian Reed Writer, Ultimate Spider-Man
22. Helen Weir Helen Weir Actress, The Social Secretary
23. Fred Mustard Stewart Fred Mustard Stewart Writer, The Mephisto Waltz
24. Tom K. Ryan Tom K. Ryan Writer, Fabulous Funnies Ryan was born June 6, 1926, in Anderson, Indiana, and raised in Muncie. His life almost took a less-artistic direction: He received basketball scholarship offers from two colleges. Instead, he attended Notre Dame University and the University of Cincinnati before dropping out of school. He later learned...
25. Carl Erskine Carl Erskine Self, The Geisha Boy
26. Chris Abel Chris Abel Editorial Department, Detention
27. Philip Buck Philip Buck Actor, General Hospital
28. Erica Heflin Erica Heflin Producer, Bikini Monsters
29. Phill Niblock Phill Niblock Producer, The Magic Sun
30. Keith Kimmerling Keith Kimmerling
31. Mark Gale Mark Gale Special Effects, My Soul to Take
32. Horace Newman Horace Newman Actor, Three Knaves and a Heathen Chinee
33. Al Cameron Al Cameron Soundtrack, Make Mine Music Composer, songwriter, director, producer, pianist, advertising executive and author, he was educated at DePauw University. He was a master of ceremonies on KDKA radio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1921, and had his own radio show on WCX. He was a pianist, accompanist and singer for the B.F. Keith, Keith Orpheum and Loew's circuits...
34. Jill Spears Jill Spears Editorial Department, The Fabulous Life of
35. Victoria Tomlinson Victoria Tomlinson Self, The Miss Teen USA Pageant
36. Leon Eycke Leon Eycke Cinematographer, Fools in the Dark
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