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1. Filip Peeters Filip Peeters Actor, Recht op recht Filip Peeters was born on December 2, 1962 in Anderlecht, Belgium. Filip has been working in the theatre since 1987, but his roles in film and television have really brought him into the spotlight. Being fluent in German, he has been expanding his career in Germany since 2000, where his popularity rivals that in his native Belgium...
2. Peter Gorissen Peter Gorissen Actor, Dropouts
3. Tonia Tonia Self, Ein Lied für Luxemburg
4. Jan Theys Jan Theys Self, Canzonissima
5. William Vance William Vance Writer, XIII
6. Cliff Laureys Cliff Laureys Director, De boom die gaf
7. Julien Adam Julien Adam Visual Effects, Tuer encore? Jamais plus!
8. Albert Bontridder Albert Bontridder Self, Poëzie in het paleis
9. Mimi Bedin Mimi Bedin Actress, Minitrip
10. Hippolyte De Kempeneer Hippolyte De Kempeneer Director, Distribution des fonds de chômage Before 1920, Hippolyte De Kempeneer was one of the most active of national pioneers (alongside Frenchman Alfed Machin in the fictional sphere). Born in Anderlecht, near Brussels, De Kempeneer had for many years been a wine merchant, then a dealer in beers , before making his first reportage in 1897 (King Leopold II at the Tervuren Exhibition)...
10 names.