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1. Carolyn Jones Carolyn Jones Actress, The Addams Family Carolyn Jones was born April 28, 1930, in Amarillo, Texas. Her mother was Jeannette and her sister was Bette (Moriarty). She was an imaginative child, much like her mother. In 1934, her father abandoned the family and her mother moved them in with her parents, also in Amarillo. As a child Carolyn suffered from severe asthma...
2. Francie Swift Francie Swift Actress, Scent of a Woman
3. Cyd Charisse Cyd Charisse Actress, Singin' in the Rain Cyd Charisse was born Tula Ellice Finklea on March 8, 1921 in Amarillo, Texas. Born to be a dancer, she spent her early childhood taking ballet lessons and joined the Ballet Russe at age 13. In 1939, she married Nico Charisse, her former dance teacher. In 1943, she appeared in her first film, Something to Shout About...
4. Arden Cho Arden Cho Actress, Teen Wolf
5. Paula Trickey Paula Trickey Actress, The O.C. Born in Amarillo Texas, raised in Tulsa Oklahoma, and the youngest of 3 girls, Paula Trickey attended East Central High School in Tulsa. Paula found her love for acting at the tender age of 8. At a time of grief in her family home, Paula performed and wrote plays in hopes to entertain and cheer up her family...
6. Derek Cecil Derek Cecil Actor, House of Cards Derek Cecil was born on January 15, 1973 in Amarillo, Texas. He graduated from the University of Houston and the American Conservatory's Advanced Theater Training Program in San Francisco, California. He is a founding member of New York's Rude Mechanicals Theater Company and has acted and directed as a member of the company...
7. Ann Doran Ann Doran Actress, Rebel Without a Cause Ann Doran appeared in over 500 motion pictures and 1000 television shows, by one count. Starting at the age of four, she appeared in hundreds of silent films under assumed names so her father's family wouldn't find out. Rarely a featured player (although Charles Starrett's Rio Grande is a notable exception), she provided many a wonderful performance in support of the leads.
8. Harry Northup Harry Northup Actor, Taxi Driver Harry E. Northup has made a living as an actor for 30 years, acting in 37 films, including Mean Streets, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Taxi Driver (1976 Palme d'Or winner at Cannes), Fighting Mad (starring role), Handle with Care, Blue Collar, Over the Edge (starring role), Tom Horn, Used Cars...
9. Justin Tarr Justin Tarr Actor, Bullitt
10. Dustin Tucker Dustin Tucker Actor, Patriots Day
11. Jorja Curtright Jorja Curtright Actress, Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing
12. Bradley Dorsey Bradley Dorsey Producer, Taken by Grace At the age of 17, Bradley had created and was producing the radio drama/series Just South of Normal in Dallas, TX. Just South of Normal has aired on over 300 radio stations world wide, and has made a big impact on the radio drama world. At 19, he had edited 15 episodes of Marriage & Family Magazine (now titled Marriage Today)...
13. Derek Blankenship Derek Blankenship Actor, The Voice Hometown is Tulsa, Oklahoma. In high school, starred in various plays while also letter-winning in football and baseball. Has been playing guitar and keys for various bands since age 9. Attended Baylor University on an NCAA baseball scholarship and majored in Film and Digital Media, focusing on composing music for Radio, TV, and Film.
14. Virginia Lucille Jones Virginia Lucille Jones Self, One Moment Please
15. Payton Spencer Payton Spencer Actress, What About Brian
16. John Rich John Rich Soundtrack, Footloose
17. Douglas Stewart Douglas Stewart Actor, Lightning Jack
18. Grady Nutt Grady Nutt Self, Hee Haw
19. Lynn Mathis Lynn Mathis Actor, The Life of David Gale
20. Ann Lee Ann Lee Actress, Trial
21. Bill Patton Bill Patton Actor, Arizona Trails
22. Jack Wrather Jack Wrather Producer, Lassie Oil millionaire who bought the rights to "The Lone Ranger". Also produced "Lassie and "Sgt. Preston of the Yukon". He built the Disneyland Hotel, founded Los Angeles' PBS station KCET and turned the Queen Mary and Howard Hughes' experimental airplane, "The Spruce Goose", into tourist attractions in Long Beach...
23. Ernestine Mercer Ernestine Mercer Actress, Casper
24. Gene Estes Gene Estes Music Department, The Monkees
25. Cynthia Baker Cynthia Baker Actress, The Fugitive Cynthia was born Cynthia S. Baker in Amarillo, Texas on 20 August 1947. She started her acting career at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois, in 1965. Through her extremely talented work, Cynthia was eventually signed with Shirley Hamilton Talent in Chicago, one of Chicago's oldest and most prestigious talent agencies...
26. Les Brandt Les Brandt Actor, CSI: Miami Les Brandt was raised in the small country town of Amarillo, Texas. Was in choir from 7th grade to 11th grade as a 1st Tenor and had hopes of a singing career as a child. He began acting immediately after graduating high school and credits his beginning training to mentor Adam Roarke at The Film Actors Lab in Dallas...
27. Clint Schultz Clint Schultz Art Department, Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
28. Lacey Brown Lacey Brown Self, American Idol
29. Barrymore Barlow Barrymore Barlow Actor, Timecollapse Born May 28th, 1958 in Amarillo, Texas, Randal 'Barry' Orton, arrived in Kansas City, Mo. three days later with his mother, Rita, at the wheel of the car. This served as an early sample of what life would hold for the newborn, Barry, as his father, Bob Orton Sr., 'The Big O' was a professional wrestler and the family rarely spent more than a few years in any one geographical region...
30. Dorothy Babb Dorothy Babb Actress, Earl Carroll Sketchbook
31. Evan Tanner Evan Tanner Self, UFC 59: Reality Check
32. Rob Burnett Rob Burnett Editorial Department, The Office
33. George Bell George Bell Actor, Bandits and Ballads
34. Megan Cole Megan Cole Actress, Holiday in Your Heart
35. William Dale Jennings William Dale Jennings Writer, The Cowboys
36. David Wheir David Wheir Actor, No Reservations
37. Ryan Self Ryan Self Actor, Signerz Ryan Self was born in Amarillo, TX and grew up in St. Louis, MO. He graduated from Bradley University in 2005, where he notably founded the improv group BBQ Kitten. He moved out to LA shortly after graduation to pursue acting and writing. He now writes for film and TV and acts on the stage and screen...
38. Bren Cook Bren Cook Costume and Wardrobe Department, X-Men: First Class
39. Erik Watts Erik Watts Self, Eastern Championship Wrestling
40. Dory Funk Jr. Dory Funk Jr. Actor, WrestleMania 2 Like his younger brother Terry Funk, Dory Funk Jr. was a success in the hyperbole that is professional wrestling. Their dad, Dory Funk Sr., was a long-time pro of the "golden" era of wrestling when the matches were real. Dory Jr. got his pro start in 1963 and excelled as a wrestler, winning the coveted National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) championship from Canadian wrestler Gene Kiniski...
41. Jack Hanlon Jack Hanlon Actor, The Shakedown
42. Eric Daugherty Eric Daugherty Actor, Driving Toward the Dead Eric Daugherty is a graduate of Texas State University in San Marcos, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance and Production. He made his first short film, Perchance to Dream, after graduating in 2009, and produced another short, Driving Toward the Dead from winter of 2010 to spring of 2011. Eric presently resides in San Marcos, TX, but will always consider himself an Austinite.
43. Scott Casey Scott Casey Self, Survivor Series
44. Bobby Duncum Jr. Bobby Duncum Jr. Self, Eastern Championship Wrestling
45. Megan Lavner Megan Lavner Actress, Eternal Damn Nation
46. Wesley Scott Wesley Scott Actor, Varsity Blood Raised in Cowboy family, Wesley Scott was born in Amarillo, TX and raised in Panhandle, TX. He studied theatre at Texas State University and despite his family suggesting a more stable field, Wesley pursued acting in Austin, TX and then moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2013 where he now resides.
47. Jay Youngblood Jay Youngblood Self, Starrcade
48. Jefferson Keith Langley Jefferson Keith Langley Actor, Random Acts of Violence
49. Joshua Morris Joshua Morris Actor, One Week Rental
50. Wayne Hudgins Wayne Hudgins Actor, Cinderella Liberty
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