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1. Carla Chambel Carla Chambel Actress, Quarta Divisão
2. Teresa Salgueiro Teresa Salgueiro Actress, A Mulher do Próximo Tereza Salgueiro was born in Lisboa. In 1986, just 17 years old, she formed the most famous and international Portuguese act - Madredeus. Between 1987 and 2007, she recorded with Madredeus over 12 highly awarded albums, selling over 5 million copies worldwide, as well as participating as lead actress in Wim Wenders' "Lisbon Story"...
3. Victor Eustaquio Victor Eustaquio Composer, Mirror
4. Maya Maya Self, Master Plan: O Grande Mestre
5. Rui Costa Rui Costa Producer, Projecto: Mundo Paralelo
6. Maria Adelina Maria Adelina Actress, Fado Corrido
7. Jorge Jesus Jorge Jesus Self, Nuno Gomes - Adeus e Obrigado por tudo
8. Márcio Monteiro Márcio Monteiro Director, When It Falls in Love
8 names.