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1. Marni Nixon Marni Nixon Actress, Mulan "Loverly" soprano Marni Nixon has ensured herself a proper place in film history although most moviegoers would not recognize her if they passed her on the street. But if you heard her, that might be a horse of a different color. Marni is one of those unsung heroes (or should I say "much sung" heroes) whose incredible talents were given short shrift at the time...
2. Justin Chapman Justin Chapman Actor, Jingle All the Way
3. Rashaan Nall Rashaan Nall Actor, Cuts
4. Mark Kirkland Mark Kirkland Director, The Simpsons
5. Robert Eisele Robert Eisele Writer, The Great Debaters
6. Michael Dunnagan Michael Dunnagan Actor, Road Signs: The Movie
7. R.J. Robertson R.J. Robertson Writer, Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time
8. Nathaniel Rosen Nathaniel Rosen Self, Jascha Heifetz Master Classes
9. Bob Lillis Bob Lillis Self, 1985 MLB All-Star Game
10. Stuart Karl Stuart Karl Producer, The Great Ape Activity Tape
11. Chad Brown Chad Brown Self, Herpers
12. Noah Urbina Noah Urbina Stunts, Little Giants
13. Patrick Faulstich Patrick Faulstich Producer, All You've Got
14. Jim Merritt Jim Merritt Self, 1970 MLB All-Star Game
14 names.