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1. William Devane William Devane Actor, Interstellar William Devane, the movie and television actor, was born in Albany, New York, the son of Joseph Devane, who served as Franklin D. Roosevelt's chauffeur when he was Governor of New York. After graduating from New York City's American Academy of Dramatic Arts, he appeared on-stage. He finally made his Broadway debut in "The Watering Place" with Shirley Knight...
2. Reid Scott Reid Scott Actor, Amusement Born and raised in upstate New York, Reid attended Syracuse University before moving to New York City to pursue his acting/writing career. Things began strongly, with roles on "All My Children", in the off-Broadway play "Cargo", and in several television commercials. Reid first came to the west coast with a leading role in the Fox pilot "With You In Spirit"...
3. John McTiernan John McTiernan Director, Die Hard
4. Ashton Holmes Ashton Holmes Actor, A History of Violence Born in Albany, New York, Ashton Holmes was struck by the magic of theater and film at age 4 when his mother took him to see "Peter Pan", and it was clinched by a desire to play Luke Skywalker when he saw Star Wars. He subsequently took acting lessons at age 6 and began appearing in community theater. He also attended the Albany Academy.
5. James Carpinello James Carpinello Actor, The Punisher
6. Sonja Morgan Sonja Morgan Self, Gavin DeGraw/Housewives of New York/Stacy London/Andy Grammar
7. Chad Michael Collins Chad Michael Collins Actor, Company of Heroes Born and raised in the countryside of upstate New York, actor Chad Michael Collins left his blue-collar roots for sunny LA and a career in public relations when he discovered acting. Now, the up-and-coming Collins sits poised to break out after starring in several primetime TV series and feature film leads...
8. Charlayne Woodard Charlayne Woodard Actress, Unbreakable
9. Adam LeFevre Adam LeFevre Actor, The Lucky One
10. Robert F. Lyons Robert F. Lyons Actor, Dark Night of the Scarecrow
11. Michael Wong Michael Wong Actor, Transformers: Age of Extinction Michael Wong has managed to become a star of Asian cinema in Hong Kong despite not even speaking a word of Chinese Cantonese, and he had no training in martial arts; in Asia, the actor known for his starring role in action film Fei hu xiong xin and Fei hu where he plays a cop; for First Option the actor was nominated at the Hong Kong Film Awards...
12. Christian Finnegan Christian Finnegan Actor, Knight and Day Christian Finnegan is a stand-up comedian, writer and actor based in New York City. In high school he attended Walnut Hill, a boarding school focused programs in the performing, visual, and creative arts located in Natick, Massachusetts. He is a graduate of NYU where he studied acting and playwriting...
13. Michael Patrick Jann Michael Patrick Jann Director, Drop Dead Gorgeous
14. Russell Todd Russell Todd Actor, Friday the 13th Part 2
15. David Shatraw David Shatraw Actor, In Her Shoes
16. Harry Ackerman Harry Ackerman Producer, I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha
17. Andrew Rooney Andrew Rooney Self, 60 Minutes Andy Rooney grew up in Albany and attended The Albany University and Colgate Academy. In 1941, at the age of 22 he was drafted into the Army and was posted to London. There he began writing for Stars and Stripes, the US armed forces newspaper and later in the war he became one of the first US journalists to report on the Nazi concentration camps...
18. Sara Berner Sara Berner Actress, Rear Window
19. Raquel Houghton Raquel Houghton Actress, Among the Shadows
20. Martha Quinn Martha Quinn Self, Star Search
21. Marc Raducci Marc Raducci Actor, Inception
22. Christy Lee Hughes Christy Lee Hughes Actress, Keeping Amy Christy stars as Sydney McQueen, a snarky, opinionated art dealer who has an addiction to social media in Nora Dunn's Shoddy House B&B, a single camera comedy. In addition, she is recurring on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as an improv and sketch comedy performer. She has appeared on television as a guest star in America Undercover on HBO...
23. Rich Lounello Rich Lounello Actor, Virgin Alexander Rich Lounello is a busy American actor splitting his time between New York and Los Angeles. Rich started out in theatre - cast in a wide spectrum of plays from broad farces to playing the iconic role of Biff in "Death Of A Salesman" to rave reviews. He is also an award winning writer and director whose first short film "The Loop" is now in distribution and he has 3 screenplays in pre-production...
24. Joe Roberts Joe Roberts Actor, Our Hospitality
25. Molly Conners Molly Conners Producer, Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
26. John Furlong John Furlong Actor, Vampires
27. Carolee Carmello Carolee Carmello Actress, Christmas in the Airwaves
28. Michael Mastro Michael Mastro Actor, Jungle 2 Jungle
29. Ryan Sommers Baum Ryan Sommers Baum Actor, Jett Jackson: The Movie Ryan began acting at age six, his first job was a school bus safety video production for an insurance company. He then played in productions of local theatre companies and did several TV commercials. He was spotted by a New York talent agent who arranged for Ryan to audition for the role of JB in the Famous Jett Jackson...
30. Jack Angeles Jack Angeles Actor, Driver's Education
31. Raymond Mayo Raymond Mayo Actor, The Killers
32. Kirsten Gillibrand Kirsten Gillibrand Self, Episode dated 9 February 2012
33. J.D. Funari J.D. Funari Editorial Department, Gone Girl Born and raised in Upstate New York, J.D. Funari got his start during the summer of 2000, when he made his first movie, the dark dramatic short Seven O'Clock. The following year, J.D. directed, shot, and edited Evening Message, which he self-distributed in March 2002. The short was met by enthusiastic reception at numerous NY screenings and hailed by FilmThreat.com in a four star review as "...
34. Gregory Maguire Gregory Maguire Writer, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
35. Charles Williams Charles Williams Actor, It's a Wonderful Life
36. Gary Lahti Gary Lahti Actor, Knightriders
37. Learned Hand Learned Hand Self, Justice
38. Helen Richman Helen Richman Actress, After the Wizard
39. Bryan Pisano Bryan Pisano Actor, Episode #2.1
40. Faye Michael Nuell Faye Michael Nuell Actress, Shampoo
41. Bryant Haliday Bryant Haliday Actor, Horror on Snape Island Bryant Haliday was born in Rhode Island and spent time in an English Benedictine monastery. Entering Harvard to study international law, he became involved with a group of students who were interested in putting on plays. He caught the acting bug and abruptly gave up law to become a man of the theater...
42. William Kennedy William Kennedy Writer, The Cotton Club
43. Jacob Clemente Jacob Clemente Actor, Resolution
44. Ward Crane Ward Crane Actor, Sherlock Jr. American actor of silent films. A native of Albany, New York, the son of a railroad engineer, he began a career in government, serving as confidential stenographer and then secretary to Governor William Sulzer of New York. Sulzer's impeachment and removal from office left Crane without a job, and he obtained a commission in the U.S...
45. Jurian Hughes Jurian Hughes Actress, Session 9
46. Ed Adamson Ed Adamson Writer, A Ghost Story
47. Dave Lifshin Dave Lifshin Editorial Department, Dominance
48. Wendy Scharfman Wendy Scharfman Actress, Legend of Lemnear
49. Brad Davis Brad Davis Actor, The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day Born in Albany, New York on January 20, 1984. After high school Brad appeared as an extra in Anger Management and has written and directed several short films. He also started a production company called Picture It Films.
50. Jackson Murphy Jackson Murphy Self, Episode #20.95 Jackson Murphy (a.k.a. Lights-Camera-Jackson) began his career as a film critic at the age of 7 1/2, doing movie reviews on the Upstate N.Y. Radio Disney station. A few years later he moved to TV, reviewing films on YNN, Time Warner's regional 24-hour all-news network. Jackson made his first national TV appearance in the summer of 2009...
1-50 of 169 names.