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1. Will Forte Will Forte Actor, Nebraska Forte was age 32 before he came to the public's attention on Saturday Night Live, but had been working in comedy since 1997. Forte is the son of artist Patricia (Stivers) and financial broker Orville Willis Forte III (divorced), and has one older sister, Michelle. A creative and artist child, he was an athlete (football and swimming) in high school and voted Best Personality at Acalanes High School...
2. Kat Foster Kat Foster Actress, The Dramatics
3. Leif Erickson Leif Erickson Actor, On the Waterfront
4. Jonathan Dayton Jonathan Dayton Director, Little Miss Sunshine Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris have built an impressive body of work by perpetually seeking innovative projects in a variety of mediums. After introducing bands such as R.E.M. and Red Hot Chili Peppers on their ground-breaking MTV show The Cutting Edge, Jonathan and Valerie continued to work in music television directing music videos and documentaries for bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins...
5. Stephen Stucker Stephen Stucker Actor, Airplane! Stephen Stucker was a marvelously wild and dynamic free-spirited actor who specialized in deliciously broad portrayals of memorably outrageous characters in a handful of comedies made in the 70's and 80's. Stucker was born on July 2, 1947 in Des Moines, Iowa. He attended Lincoln School in Alameda, California...
6. Jennifer Tung Jennifer Tung Actress, What Lies Beneath Jennifer Tung was crowned Miss Chinatown, USA, at age 17. She was discovered at the gym by a talent manager and encouraged to audition for a Casting Director, which led to her landing her first job for the FOX series Masked Rider as a series regular. Since then has appeared in TV shows such as Charmed...
7. Jennifer Savidge Jennifer Savidge Actress, Evolution
8. Bentley Kyle Evans Bentley Kyle Evans Writer, The Jamie Foxx Show
9. Bridgid Coulter Bridgid Coulter Actress, Always Outnumbered
10. Claire Dames Claire Dames Actress, Sunny's Big Adventure
11. Philip Anglim Philip Anglim Actor, The Elephant Man
12. Debra De Liso Debra De Liso Actress, David and the Dance Instructor Debra De Liso has been a theater and film artist for over 30 years, working as an actor, choreographer/dancer, director, playwright and teacher. She received a fellowship to UCLA, earning an MFA and the Jack Nicholson Prize for Acting. She also graduated Phi Kappa Phi with a Masters Degree in Theatre from California State University...
13. John Vickery John Vickery Actor, One Life to Live
14. Norman Bartold Norman Bartold Actor, Close Encounters of the Third Kind
15. Elizabeth Harrower Elizabeth Harrower Actress, True Grit Betty Louise Foss was born during the final days of World War I in Alameda, California as the country plagued by a flu epidemic. Within six weeks, her mother died, her father had a nervous breakdown, and relatives passed her care around. As babies were thought to draw the deadly flu, Betty was eventually...
16. Smadar Hanson Smadar Hanson Actress, The Usual Suspects
17. Peter Michael Escovedo Peter Michael Escovedo Actor, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane
18. Cindy Cassell Cindy Cassell Actress, Emil and the Detectives
19. Sharyn Moffett Sharyn Moffett Actress, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House A child actress who showed heart-warming potential in the 1940s, child actress Sharyn Moffett (born Patricia Sharyn Moffett) was a cute presence in a number of sentimental tales. Closer to young Margaret O'Brien than Shirley Temple in type and demeanor, Sharyn was born on September 12, 1936 in Alameda...
20. Russ Emanuel Russ Emanuel Producer, Restoration of Paradise Russ Emanuel marks his professional feature film directorial debut with "P.J.", "Chasing the Green", "The Legends of Nethiah", and "Occupants". Originally from San Francisco, he grew up in both Japan and the United States, garnering an international viewpoint of the world throughout his childhood. He wrote his first screenplay in 1993...
21. Connie Buck Connie Buck Actress, Renegades
22. Paul Mantz Paul Mantz Stunts, Only Angels Have Wings American aviator who became the most renowned stunt flyer in movies of the mid-twentieth century. The son of a school principal, he grew up Redwood City, California and developed a fascination with flying as a boy. He joined the Air Corps as a cadet and was a brilliant student pilot, but he was discharged after buzzing a train full of high-level officers...
23. Matt Olyphant Matt Olyphant Soundtrack, The Station Agent
24. Anne Randall Anne Randall Actress, Westworld
25. Jonathan Hall Kovacs Jonathan Hall Kovacs Actor, The Family Tree
26. Philip Linton Philip Linton Actor, Doing Time on Maple Drive
27. Ethan Van der Ryn Ethan Van der Ryn Sound Department, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
28. Charlene Dallas Charlene Dallas Actress, Cops and Robbers
29. Dudley Manlove Dudley Manlove Actor, Plan 9 from Outer Space
30. Stanley Farrar Stanley Farrar Actor, Staten Island Ferry
31. Bert Holland Bert Holland Actor, Tarantula
32. Mia Bernardino Mia Bernardino Actress, Pilot
33. Anthony Eldridge Anthony Eldridge Actor, Hustle
34. Wally Campo Wally Campo Actor, The Little Shop of Horrors
35. Matt Vasgersian Matt Vasgersian Self, MLB Tonight Matt Vasgersian is an MLB Network play-by-play announcer and studio host where he regularly appears on Thursday Night Baseball, MLB Tonight, Hot Stove, Quick Pitch as well as special event coverage and feature programming. Prior to joining MLB Network, Matt was the Padres' lead play-by-play announcer for seven years...
36. Ben Bookbinder Ben Bookbinder Actor, How the Grinch Stole Christmas Ben was born at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley, CA, to Katherine and Jason . He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, commuting to LA for auditions and bookings. Ben was discovered by Cathy Steele and Andrew and Vanessa Steinmeyer at Concord, California's "Kidfest". In 1997, he went with Cathy to Millie Lewis' "American Model and Talent Convention"...
37. Peter Frank Peter Frank Actor, Widow Often Annie
38. Debbie McLeod Debbie McLeod Actress, Search for Tomorrow
39. Meredith Hunter Meredith Hunter Self, Gimme Shelter
40. Eric Alden Eric Alden Actor, The Ten Commandments
41. Daniel Trent Daniel Trent Actor, My Blue Heaven
42. Tony Serra Tony Serra Self, Death in the Desert Tony Serra is a living embodiment of the anti-establishment. After graduating from UC Berkeley's Boalt School of Law in 1961, Serra began his career as a deputy district attorney for Alameda County. After only one year, he grew disillusioned with the justice system and became a private defense lawyer...
43. Lillian Porter Lillian Porter Actress, That Night in Rio
44. Lee Tung Foo Lee Tung Foo Actor, Across the Pacific
45. Robert L. Lippert Robert L. Lippert Producer, The Last Man on Earth Robert L. Lippert, the son of a hardware store owner in Alameda, Califorinia, was born there shortly after the turn of this century. Having little interest in his father's business, young Lippert became enthralled with the new fascination of moving pictures. He began working odd jobs in the local movie house...
46. Horace Heidt Horace Heidt Soundtrack, Pot o' Gold
47. Jack Grisham Jack Grisham Soundtrack, Crank: High Voltage
48. Barry Reed Barry Reed Writer, The Verdict
49. Gloria Dea Gloria Dea Actress, Plan 9 from Outer Space
50. Barry Higgins Barry Higgins Actor, Harold and Maude
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