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1. Eugenio Mira Eugenio Mira Composer, Agnosia
2. Nazaret Aracil Nazaret Aracil Actress, Episode #1.5
3. Adán Aliaga Adán Aliaga Director, My Grandmother's House
4. Pau Durà Pau Durà Actor, Nico and Dani
5. Rodolfo Coloma Rodolfo Coloma Producer, El amor y otras desgracias
6. Miguel Albaladejo Miguel Albaladejo Director, Bear Cub
7. Ovidi Montllor Ovidi Montllor Actor, Poachers At 12 years he worked as an apprentice mechanic, starting as an actor at age 20 and with the theater group of Alcoy natal "Casserole." In the mid-60's economic crisis forced him to emigrate to Barcelona, since then his career combining theatrical Companies Adrià Gual, CIFC and Nuria Espert with forays into the music scene...
8. Camilo Sesto Camilo Sesto Soundtrack, Megacities
9. Paula Dalli Paula Dalli Actress, La montaña rusa Monica Paula Hernandez Dalli, artistically known as 'Paula Dalli' is one of Disney Channel Spain's artists. Her discovery and push up occurred in 2009, where she became finalist on Disney's contest My Camp Rock. Her biggest project is 'La Gira' (The Tour) the first Disney Channel Spanish original series, where she plays 'Carol...
10. Cristina Alcázar Cristina Alcázar Actress, El penalti más largo del mundo
11. Juan Luis Iborra Juan Luis Iborra Writer, Km. 0 - Kilometer Zero
12. Vicente Gil Vicente Gil Actor, [Rec]
13. Francisco Francisco Self, OTI 1993
14. Pep Cortés Pep Cortés Actor, Sound of the Sea
15. Fran Mateu Fran Mateu Producer, Historia muerta Fran Mateu studied Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Alicante. Later, he graduated in Film Direction in Barcelona. In 2011 he wrote and directed Historia muerta (aka "Dead Story"), his first independent short film. This movie won several awards and was screened in more than 100 international film festivals like "SITGES 2012" or "8th Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival"...
16. Carmen Porter Carmen Porter Self, La noche del fin del mundo
17. Ángel García Ángel García Self, Episode dated 21 September 2005
18. Cecilia Bartolomé Cecilia Bartolomé Writer, Lejos de África
19. Antonio Albert Antonio Albert Self, Episode dated 22 June 1994
20. Carolina Ferre Carolina Ferre Self, Episode #2.4
21. Xavi Sala Xavi Sala Writer, Hiyab
22. Miquel Peidró Miquel Peidró Writer, Episode #1.837
23. Isabel-Clara Simó Isabel-Clara Simó Writer, Women
24. Sol Picó Sol Picó Self, Episode #1.190
25. Vicente Miras Vicente Miras Composer, Maratonautas
26. Inma Serrano Inma Serrano Self, Música para mi madre
27. Ovidio López Ovidio López Self, Una canción me trajo aquí
27 names.