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1. Munro Chambers Munro Chambers Actor, Turbo Kid Munro Chambers was born on July 29, 1990 in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. He has been acting since he was 7. He has a twin brother named Thomas, as well as a younger brother named Michael. He is an actor and is best known for his character, Eli Goldsworthy, on Degrassi and for his role on "The Latest Buzz"...
2. Corey Sevier Corey Sevier Actor, Immortals Born in Ajax, Ontario, Corey's career in front of the camera began as a baby model at the tender age of six months. Modelling soon led to work in commercials. At seven years old, he landed his first acting job in the ABC mini-series "Family Pictures", alongside screen veterans Angelica Houston and Sam Neill. The experience convinced young Corey that he had found his passion...
3. Sheldon Smith Sheldon Smith Actor, Hairspray
4. Nikki Grant Nikki Grant Actress, You Got Served: Beat the World
5. Jordan Heron Jordan Heron Actor, Who Took Polly Klaas? Unlike most actors who aim for a career early, Jordan did not find an aptitude for this until later in life. Cajoled by his daughter into joining an amateur theatre troupe in 2002, he didn't set foot into the professional spotlight until 2013. Jordan lives in Dunnville, near the Niagara region of southern Ontario...
6. Rex Grignon Rex Grignon Animation Department, Toy Story
7. Tegan Ridge Tegan Ridge Make-Up Department, Little Dougie
8. Steve Jocz Steve Jocz Self, Sum 41 Don't Try This at Home Steve "Stevo32" Martin Jocz is the drummer of the Canadian pop-punk band Sum 41. He grew up under the influence of Christian and conservative parents, but is a self-proclaimed atheist and has left-wing political views. Although he is the youngest, he is considered most fun member out of the band. In 1996...
9. Kyle Limkilde Kyle Limkilde Miscellaneous Crew, Jumper
10. Kyle Smithers Kyle Smithers Miscellaneous Crew, Due Date
11. Cameron Lewis Cameron Lewis Actor, Noise
12. Brian Kobo Brian Kobo Miscellaneous Crew, Inception
13. David Schaefer David Schaefer Actor, Gefährliche Freundin
14. Jesse Colburn Jesse Colburn Self, Bada-Ping!
15. Jenn Taylor Jenn Taylor Visual Effects, Jurassic World
16. Alex Jansen Alex Jansen Producer, Walk Backwards
17. Bryan Passifiume Bryan Passifiume Director, Daytime
18. Craig Ariss Craig Ariss Miscellaneous Crew, Hart of the Annex
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