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1. Kivanç Tatlitug Kivanç Tatlitug Actor, The Butterfly's Dream His professional career started with modeling in 2002. After his modeling career, with the TV Series "Gumus" he has started his acting career and he acted the leading role "Mehmet". "Gumus" was the first Turkish TV Series which was sold to Middle East and Kivanc Tatlitug has invited to many Film Festivals like Abu Dhabi...
2. Sener Sen Sener Sen Actor, The Bandit Early in his career, he mainly acted in comedy movies with Kemal Sunal such as "Hababam Sinifi", "Tosun Pasa", "Davaro" etc. Later, he had roles in movies criticizing Turkish society for its moral weaknesses as in "Milyarder", " Çiplak Vatandas" and the ones that reflected the contemporary social developments and problems as in "Zügürt Aga"...
3. Yilmaz Güney Yilmaz Güney Writer, Yol Güney and his work were almost entirely unknown outside of his homeland Turkey until his 1981 escape from imprisonment in Turkey and his "discovery" the following year at the Cannes Film Festival for his autobiographical screenplay for Yol, the festival's grand prize winner. Born in 1937 in a village near the southern city of Adana...
4. Dolunay Soysert Dolunay Soysert Actress, Mavi gözlü dev
5. Ali Sen Ali Sen Actor, The Foster Brothers
6. Aytaç Arman Aytaç Arman Actor, The Enemy
7. Timuçin Esen Timuçin Esen Actor, Lovelorn
8. Menderes Samancilar Menderes Samancilar Actor, Watchtower
9. Eda Özerkan Eda Özerkan Actress, Die Tote in der Zisterne
10. Burak Sagyasar Burak Sagyasar Actor, Sudan Bikmis Baliklar
11. Ferdi Tayfur Ferdi Tayfur Actor, Affet allahim He is a Turkish Arabesque music singer. He was born in Adana in 1945. His name was given by his father after inspired from a famous theatre artist "Ferdi Tayur". After his father was murdered, he started a new school. At the same age he worked in a farm. But he left his country with a passion to be a singer when he is 17...
12. Emre Karayel Emre Karayel Actor, Love in Another Language
13. Ali Özgentürk Ali Özgentürk Writer, The Girl with the Red Scarf
14. Demir Karahan Demir Karahan Actor, Fate
15. Salih Güney Salih Güney Actor, Pamuk Prenses ve 7 cüceler
16. Altan Gördüm Altan Gördüm Actor, Ask geliyorum demez
17. Irfan Atasoy Irfan Atasoy Actor, Hamal
18. Yasar Kemal Yasar Kemal Writer, Iron Earth, Copper Sky
19. Ayse Hatun Önal Ayse Hatun Önal Actress, Derman Bey
20. Yilmaz Duru Yilmaz Duru Actor, Zalimler
21. Tomris Giritlioglu Tomris Giritlioglu Producer, Aska sürgün
22. Yilmaz Köksal Yilmaz Köksal Actor, Kahpe Bizans
23. Seyhan Arman Seyhan Arman Actress, Other Angels
24. Ibrahim Bozguney Ibrahim Bozguney Actor, Beynelmilel
25. Muratcan Gokce Muratcan Gokce Cinematographer, A Ferry Passes Through to the Bosphorus
26. Ali Cifteci Ali Cifteci Actor, Snackbar
27. Demir Demirkan Demir Demirkan Soundtrack, Love Loves Coincidences
28. Yüksel Arici Yüksel Arici Actor, Judgement
29. Erol Büyükburç Erol Büyükburç Actor, Turist Ömer boga güresçisi
30. Melek Görgün Melek Görgün Actress, The Fisher Girl
31. Fatih Terim Fatih Terim Self, Episode dated 4 May 2007
32. Mehmet Dinler Mehmet Dinler Director, Suçlu
33. Arif Keskiner Arif Keskiner Producer, The Girl with the Red Scarf
34. Hakki Kivanç Hakki Kivanç Actor, Vesikali yarim
35. Canan Güven Canan Güven Actress, Hayat türküsü
36. Orhan Kemal Orhan Kemal Writer, Birds of Exile
37. Bilal Inci Bilal Inci Actor, The Return
38. Ayhan Sonyürek Ayhan Sonyürek Writer, Canim ailem
39. Ali Seyhan Ali Seyhan Actor, Dalaveracilar krali
40. Yilmaz Serif Yilmaz Serif Actor, Aci yumruk
41. Erdal Cindoruk Erdal Cindoruk Actor, Can
42. Baris Hayta Baris Hayta Actor, Beni unutma
43. Ugur Güçlü Ugur Güçlü Actor, Yedi adim sonra
44. Sahin Koçak Sahin Koçak Producer, Sevimli serseri
45. Recep Bilginer Recep Bilginer Writer, The Rebels
46. M. Serkan Turhan M. Serkan Turhan Production Manager, Episode #2.17
47. Ugur Say Ugur Say Actor, Tatli cadi'nin maceralari
48. Beste Yelken Beste Yelken Actress, Münferit
49. Nihat Ziyalan Nihat Ziyalan Actor, Killing caniler krali
50. Funda Müjde Funda Müjde Actress, Turkse Video
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