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1. Mario Casas Mario Casas Actor, Three Steps Above Heaven
2. Martiño Rivas Martiño Rivas Actor, Three Many Weddings
3. Fernando Rey Fernando Rey Actor, The French Connection Fernando Rey, the great Spanish movie actor primarily known in the United States for his role as "Frog One" in The French Connection and its sequel, was born Fernando Casado D'Arambillet on September 20 1917, in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain, the son of Colonel Casado Veiga. Originally, the young Fernando intended to become an architect...
4. Tamar Novas Tamar Novas Actor, The Sea Inside
5. Antonio Casal Antonio Casal Actor, Red Cross Girls
6. Javier Gutiérrez Javier Gutiérrez Actor, Films to Keep You Awake: The Baby's Room
7. Ana Turpin Ana Turpin Actress, Para Elisa
8. Nancho Novo Nancho Novo Actor, Lovers of the Arctic Circle
9. Amando de Ossorio Amando de Ossorio Writer, Return of the Evil Dead He was born in 1918, although there isn't a consensus as some books date his birth in 1925. He was one of the main directors of the Spanish horror boom in the 70s, specially for his quartet of films about the living dead templars which started with Tombs of the Blind Dead.
10. María Casares María Casares Actress, Children of Paradise
11. Antonio Casas Antonio Casas Actor, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly He plays soccer three years in the Atletic de Madrid. Due to a lession he stops playing soccer and debuts by chance in cinema in 1942. He debuts in theater in 1945.
12. Luis Piedrahita Luis Piedrahita Writer, Fermat's Room Born in La Coruña in 1977, he is acknowledged as a man capable of entertaining with intelligent humor. He usually works as writer and comedian, but also magician. In 1998 he won 2nd prize during a magicians contest held in Portugal and he won the Spanish "micromagic" championship in 1999. He won the first contest of El Club de la Comedia becoming a regular writer and comedian of this show...
13. Manuel Lozano Manuel Lozano Actor, Butterfly Spanish child actor who at this writing (2000) has proven himself in a big movie "La Lengua de las Mariposas" (1999) perhaps is the best Spanish child actor of his generation. Born in 1990, Manuel Lozano started his acting career like many other child actors, making some commercials. When he was still 9...
14. Mabel Rivera Mabel Rivera Actress, The Orphanage
15. Nerea Barros Nerea Barros Actress, León and Olvido
16. María Pujalte María Pujalte Actress, My Mother Likes Women
17. Ramón Campos Ramón Campos Writer, Man sobre man
18. María Bouzas María Bouzas Actress, Heroína
19. Christian Casas Christian Casas Actor, Films to Keep You Awake: The Christmas Tale
20. Sergio Moure Sergio Moure Music Department, Thesis on a Homicide
21. Francisco Franco Francisco Franco Self, Franco: ese hombre Francisco Paulino Hermenegildo Teoula Franco y Bahamonde was born on December 4, 1892, in Ferrol, Spain. He entered the Spanish Military Academy in 1907 and upon graduation three years later was commissioned as a lieutenant. His career path seemed assured after he was detailed to the colony of Spanish Morocco to fight against the Berber tribes and acquitted himself well...
22. Luis Zahera Luis Zahera Actor, Cell 211
23. Xavier Villaverde Xavier Villaverde Producer, Angels of Sex
24. Juan Orol Juan Orol Director, Gángsters contra charros
25. Sonia Castelo Sonia Castelo Actress, Divertimento
26. Monti Castiñeiras Monti Castiñeiras Actor, Once Upon Another Time
27. Marcos Pereiro Marcos Pereiro Actor, Mundo verbena
28. Gema R. Neira Gema R. Neira Writer, La doncella en el estanque
29. Xan das Bolas Xan das Bolas Actor, The Executioner
30. Isabel de Ayguavives Isabel de Ayguavives Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Miguel and William
31. Paula Vázquez Paula Vázquez Self, Episode #2.6
32. Luz Casal Luz Casal Self, La pasión
33. Ricardo de Barreiro Ricardo de Barreiro Actor, Cell 211
34. Miquel Insua Miquel Insua Actor, The ABCs of Death
35. Uxía Blanco Uxía Blanco Actress, Butterfly
36. Roberto Castón Roberto Castón Writer, Ander
37. Fernando Cortizo Fernando Cortizo Director, The Apostle
38. Miguel de Lira Miguel de Lira Actor, The Blind Sunflowers
39. Luisa Merelas Luisa Merelas Actress, Mondays in the Sun
40. María Mera María Mera Actress, Nais e fillos
41. Beatriz Santana Beatriz Santana Actress, La herida luminosa
42. Jesús Vázquez Jesús Vázquez Self, Esta es mi gente
43. María Tasende María Tasende Actress, Chef's Special
44. Pili Pampín Pili Pampín Self, Episode dated 30 November 2013
45. Carlos Vila Carlos Vila Writer, Episode #2.14
46. Víctor Mosqueira Víctor Mosqueira Actor, Para que no me olvides
47. Denis Gómez Denis Gómez Actor, Mondays in the Sun
48. Jacobo Martínez Jacobo Martínez Cinematographer, La doncella en el estanque
49. Iago García Iago García Actor, Un vencello para toda a vida
50. José Jaspe José Jaspe Actor, Horror Express
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