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1. Liroy Gehrke Liroy Gehrke Actor, Hotel Desire 3' 7¼"
2. Caleb Alexander Cohen Caleb Alexander Cohen Actor, Conception Caleb is an American child actor who began his acting career when he was three years old. He started out in pageants when he was one year old, competing in and winning one local and then going to state winning many titles. His parents decided that pageantry was not for their family, but he continued to light up any room that he entered... 4'
3. Victoria Kavsman-Bergh Victoria Kavsman-Bergh Actress, The Gold of Valhalla 4' 5¼"
4. Campbell Rose Campbell Rose Actress, One, Two, Three Love 4' 8"
5. Vanessa Atler Vanessa Atler Actress, Little Girls in Pretty Boxes 4' 10"
6. Vivian West Vivian West Actress, Back to Chloro Again! 4' 11¾"
7. Kaiya Lynn Kaiya Lynn Actress, Slaughtered Vomit Dolls 5'
8. Marjorie Bonner Marjorie Bonner Actress, Paying the Price Margerie or Marjorie Bonner was a minor film actress, but achieved greater and less ephemeral fame as a result of her marriage to English novelist Malcolm Lowry in 1940, after the close of her film career. Their marriage was close and, to say the least, unconventional. Lowry was a tormented, alcoholic... 5'
9. Priscilla Bonner Priscilla Bonner Actress, It 5' 1"
10. Cassandra Ford Cassandra Ford Actress, Legends of Chima 5' 1"
11. Madoka Sugawara Madoka Sugawara Actress, Chik loh go yeung 5' 1"
12. Denzel Ebe Denzel Ebe Actor, Runaway 5' 1"
13. Lisa Skinner Lisa Skinner Self, Athens 2004: Games of the XXVIII Olympiad 5' 1"
14. Erica Chiang Erica Chiang Actress, Tao Hua xiao mei 5' 1"
15. Lina Ma Lina Ma 5' 1¾"
16. Mary Brian Mary Brian Actress, Meet Corliss Archer Dubbed "The Sweetest Girl in Pictures", Mary Brian started life as Louise Byrdie Datzler. She was born in Corsicana, Texas, and went to high school in Dallas. Her widowed mother had big plans for young Louise and took her to California in 1923, with the intention of getting her into the film business... 5' 2"
17. Laivan Greene Laivan Greene Actress, Jump In! 5' 2"
18. Nikita Devine Nikita Devine Actress, DP Fantasies 2 5' 2"
19. Patsy Schutter Patsy Schutter Actress, Squad Car 5' 2"
20. Charliene Michele Charliene Michele Actress, Maro Charliene is 13 years old and is from the Bay Area. Moved to LA in 2002 to get into the acting business. Charliene is a Professional Tap Dancer and loves to perform and teach all ages and levels. She is in the 8th grade and is a 3.0 student and loves English and History. She has a 7-year-old sister who is the acting business as well... 5' 2"
21. Jenny Jia Jenny Jia Jenny Jia is a tween actress that studies at Vancouver Young Actors School. She also enjoys the drama program at her school in Vancouver. Jenny likes to read, write and draw on her free time. Jenny enjoys scene study with her classmates at VYAS, learning different moods of a scene and making it real. 5' 2¼"
22. SaRenna Lee SaRenna Lee Actress, Evil Streets 5' 2½"
23. Ruth Clifford Ruth Clifford Actress, Wagon Master American actress, originally of leading roles, whose career lasted from silent days into the television era. A native of Rhode Island, she attended St. Mary's Seminary in Narragansett, Rhode Island, then, following her mother's death in 1911, came to Los Angeles as a teenager to live with her actress aunt... 5' 3"
24. Jill Terashita Jill Terashita Stunts, Collateral 5' 3"
25. Hayden Winters Hayden Winters Actress, The Flintstones: A XXX Parody Slim, sexy, and adorable 5'3" brunette Hayden Winters was born Tiffany Maples on February 17, 1991 in San Diego, California. A shy and quiet girl in her high school days, the cute auburn-haired pixie played soccer for six years and learned how to be a skilled flute player while growing up. Winters started out in the adult industry at age eighteen as a full-time model and web-cam performer... 5' 3"
26. Natascha Kampusch Natascha Kampusch Self, Natascha Kampusch - Ein Schicksal im Rampenlicht 5' 3"
27. Aya Endo Aya Endo Actress, Shirokuma Cafe 5' 3"
28. Lily Lily Actress, Shinobi: Heart Under Blade 5' 3"
29. Hiroko Satô Hiroko Satô Actress, Megane wo kakete mask wo suruto itsumo kumoru 5' 3"
30. Debbie Chaney Debbie Chaney Miscellaneous Crew, Grasshopper 5' 3"
31. Angie Ennis Angie Ennis Producer, Sophie 5' 3"
32. Alyssa Branch Alyssa Branch Actress, Bridesmaids Slim, sexy, and gorgeous 5'4" blonde bombshell Alyssa Branch was born on February 17, 1992 in Detroit, Michigan. Branch played all kinds of sports growing up (she was especially adept at gymnastics). The striking hazel-eyed beauty moved to Los Angeles, California in November, 2010 to pursue a career in the adult film industry... 5' 3½"
33. Anne Curtis Anne Curtis Actress, Green Rose 5' 3½"
34. Paris Scott Paris Scott Actress, Watercolors Paris Joanne Francesca Scott, was born on February 17, 1990 to her parents Anthony and Carolyn Scott in New Brunswick, NJ. She is now living in Los Angeles, California. Paris has been on stage since she was very young, however she didn't pursue television and film until age 15. Her first on camera experience was in a local commercial for a mall in the Chicagoland area... 5' 3½"
35. Lupita Del Carmen Christina Mendoza Lupita Del Carmen Christina Mendoza Actress, La carcel de Laredo 5' 3½"
36. Sherri Olson Sherri Olson Miscellaneous Crew, Share 5' 3½"
37. Reema Chanco Reema Chanco Self, 3R (Respect, Relax, Respond) 5' 3½"
38. Anya Anya Actress, Naked Weapon Anya Wu was born on February 17th, in 1976 in Taiwan. She moved to the United States, together with her family, by the age of 6. She was raised in New York City and was discovered by a record company to become a singer back in Taiwan. While she was in Taiwan and preparing for her album release, Anya... 5' 3¾"
39. Kristina Hagan Kristina Hagan Actress, Predatory Lender Kristina Hagan is originally from San Jose, California. Kristina is always asked, "what ethnicity is she from?" Kristina according to her birth certificate is marked, Caucasian, however she is a mix of beautiful cultures, those of Eastern European, Spain and various areas of Mexico. Kristina went to... 5' 4"
40. Carole Davis Carole Davis Actress, Mannequin Carole Raphaelle Davis was born in London, England on February 17, 1958 to a French mother and an American father. She is trilingual and a citizen of the United States and the European Union. She grew up in England, Scotland, Hawaii, France, Italy and Thailand and moved to New York City as a teenager... 5' 4"
41. Sarah Tiana Sarah Tiana Self, Comics on Duty: We Love You Mrs. Bevins 5' 4"
42. Poppy Morgan Poppy Morgan Actress, The 8th Day 5' 4"
43. Lynn Dalby Lynn Dalby Actress, Budgie 5' 4"
44. Isis Valverde Isis Valverde Actress, Avenida Brasil Isis Valverde Nable (Aiuruoca or Belo Horizonte, 17 February , 1987) is a Brazilian actress. His first leading role was the mysterious Ana Veil Sinha on the novel Girl in 2006. Then came the young Rakelli novel Pure Beauty, in 2008, the most prominent character of his career so far. His first came as the protagonist character Marcela... 5' 4"
45. Diane Chambers Diane Chambers Actress, Sharknado 5' 4"
46. Miki Garcia Miki Garcia Actress, Stacey Lovely, buxom and shapely brunette Miki Garcia was born on February 17, 1947 in Kingman, Arizona. Because her father was an officer in the United States Air Force, Garcia grew up all over the world in such places as Japan, Germany, Panama, Arizona, Montana, Florida, and Hawaii before her family finally settled down in California... 5' 4"
47. Jaime Leigh Jaime Leigh Actress, Ben Dover: More Dirty Blondes 5' 4"
48. Lara Lee Lara Lee Actress, Algorithms 5' 4"
49. Benny Shelton Benny Shelton Actor, BlinkyTM 5' 4"
50. Joseph L. Puente Joseph L. Puente Actor, Excursus Joseph Puente was born in Los Angeles, California. He lived there for about six years before moving with his family to Madera County, California in 1980 where he lived in the towns of Coarsegold and Oakhurst respectively until 1989 when he moved to Mt. Pleasant, Utah. He lived in Utah until 1993 when he enlisted in the United States Navy and has served in Illinois... 5' 4"
1-50 of 1,107 names.