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1. Adriano Banchieri Adriano Banchieri Writer, Hupsut homekorvat 3 September 1568
2. Pietro Antonio Locatelli Pietro Antonio Locatelli Soundtrack, The Duchess 3 September 1695
3. Anna Maria Russell Anna Maria Russell Uncategorised 3 September 1783
4. József Eötvös József Eötvös Writer, A falu jegyzöje 3 September 1813
5. Sarah Orne Jewett Sarah Orne Jewett Writer, The Queen's Twin 3 September 1849
6. Eugene Field Eugene Field Writer, Wynken, Blynken & Nod Lyricist, poet ("Little Boy Blue", "Wynken, Blynken and Nod") newspaper columnist and author, educated at Williams College, Knox College, and the University of Missouri. He began his newspaper work in St. Joseph, Missouri, and then worked in St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver and Chicago between 1883 and 1895... 3 September 1850
7. Queen Olga Queen Olga Uncategorised 3 September 1851
8. Percy Challenger Percy Challenger Actor, The Eel 3 September 1858
9. Jean Jaurès Jean Jaurès Uncategorised 3 September 1859
10. Richard Lundin Richard Lundin Actor, Kärlek och björnjakt 3 September 1859
11. Hans Aanrud Hans Aanrud Writer, Storfolk og småfolk 3 September 1863
12. Margaret McWade Margaret McWade Actress, The Lost World Margaret McWade born in Illinois in 1872, vaudeville theatre from the 1890's met actress Margaret Seddon together they teamed up in a double act billed as the 'Pixilated Sisters'. she later appeared most often as spinsters or mothers in many films, first under contract to the Edison Film Company under the direction of Ashley Miller with 'The Drama of Heyville' starring Marc McDermott in 1914... 3 September 1872
13. Holger Reenberg Holger Reenberg Actor, Provinsen kalder 3 September 1872
14. Thomas Louden Thomas Louden Actor, The Corn Is Green 3 September 1874
15. Ferdinand Porsche Ferdinand Porsche Uncategorised 3 September 1875
16. Regan Hughston Regan Hughston Actor, Her Excellency, the Governor 3 September 1875
17. Wilhelm Scharrelmann Wilhelm Scharrelmann Writer, Hochzeit im Haifisch 3 September 1875
18. Alice Hetsey Alice Hetsey Actress, Was ist Liebe...? 3 September 1875
19. R.H. Bassett R.H. Bassett Music Department, Gone with the Wind 3 September 1878
20. Allen Doone Allen Doone Actor, The Rebel 3 September 1878
21. Helen Raymond Helen Raymond Actress, Through the Back Door 3 September 1878
22. Amos Anderson Amos Anderson Self, Episode dated 27 January 1959 3 September 1878
23. Romualdo Tirado Romualdo Tirado Actor, La jaula de los leones 3 September 1880
24. Robert Ober Robert Ober Actor, The Big Parade 3 September 1881
25. Robert Middlemass Robert Middlemass Actor, A Day at the Races 3 September 1883
26. Schuyler Ladd Schuyler Ladd Actress, The Land of Hope 3 September 1884
27. Gustavo Lombardo Gustavo Lombardo Producer, Hands Off Me! 3 September 1885
28. Agnes Byström Agnes Byström Actress, Hon fick platsen 3 September 1885
29. Reginald Bach Reginald Bach Actor, Account Rendered 3 September 1886
30. Paul Lluís Paul Lluís Actor, Le café du port 3 September 1886
31. Max Brauer Max Brauer Self, Parteitag 1964 3 September 1887
32. Harry Hollingsworth Harry Hollingsworth Actor, The Tarantula 3 September 1888
33. Erik Malmlöf Erik Malmlöf Actor, Storstadsfaror 3 September 1888
34. C. Court Treatt C. Court Treatt Director, Stampede 3 September 1888
35. Cecil Weston Cecil Weston Actress, Money Madness 3 September 1889
36. Isak Samokovlija Isak Samokovlija Writer, Hanka 3 September 1889
37. Pat O'Malley Pat O'Malley Actor, Invasion of the Body Snatchers Often confused with the British-born comic actor J. Pat O'Malley, who is the better remembered, silent dramatic film star Pat O'Malley had an enduring career that stands on its own. He was of solid Irish-American stock, born in Forest City, Pennsylvania, in 1890. A one-time railroad switchman, he also had circus experience by the time he discovered an interest in movie making... 3 September 1890
38. Luther Crockett Luther Crockett Actor, Bonanza Town 3 September 1890
39. A. Elizabeth Delany A. Elizabeth Delany Writer, Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years 3 September 1891
40. Laddie Cliff Laddie Cliff Actor, Sporting Love 3 September 1891
41. Charles L. Cooke Charles L. Cooke Soundtrack, The Grass Harp Songwriter ("Messin' Around", "Girl of the Golden West"), composer, arranger and RKO executive, educated at the Chicago Musical College (BA, MM, Mus.D.)and a student of Felix Borowski and Louis Victor Saar. He was a staff composer with Detroit publishing firms, and led his own orchestra in Chicago, and later a staff composer with Radio City Music Hall... 3 September 1891
42. Marcel Grandjany Marcel Grandjany Self, Episode dated 24 May 1959 3 September 1891
43. Louis Morisette Louis Morisette Actor, The Sheriff's Story 3 September 1891
44. Charles Legneur Charles Legneur Actor, Around the World in Eighty Days 3 September 1891
45. Blake Wagner Blake Wagner Cinematographer, Chasing Choo Choos Blake Wagner was one of four brothers involved in the motion picture business beginning around 1910. He was born on 3 September 1892 in Los Angeles, but spent most of his childhood and teen years in Mexico where his father, William, was a train conductor, and his mother, Edith Wagner, a newspaper correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor... 3 September 1892
46. Robert H. Wagner Robert H. Wagner Camera and Electrical Department, All Quiet on the Western Front Robert Hawley Wagner was a second unit cameraman for First National Pictures from about 1926 to 1940. He was well regarded for his stunt photography due to his small stature and agility. He also operated the Akeley camera used frequently in the early days of motion pictures for aerial, wildlife and general fast-moving cinematography... 3 September 1892
47. Karl Kinch Karl Kinch Actor, Min svärmor - dansösen 3 September 1892
48. Esdras Hartley Esdras Hartley Art Director, Wild Boys of the Road 3 September 1892
49. Anthony Collins Anthony Collins Music Department, Sunny 3 September 1893
50. Harold Williams Harold Williams Actor, Jimmy Boy 3 September 1893
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