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51. Paulino Masip Paulino Masip Writer, La barraca 21 September 1963
52. Walter Deming Walter Deming Actor, Love's Law 27 September 1963
53. Warren Wilson Warren Wilson Writer, Hellzapoppin' 19 December 1963
54. Glenn Cravath Glenn Cravath Art Department, Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere January 1964
55. Charles Bouillaud Charles Bouillaud Actor, Le Doulos 12 June 1965
56. Julian Harrison Julian Harrison Art Department, The King of Kings 20 October 1965
57. Stanhope Wheatcroft Stanhope Wheatcroft Actor, Locked Lips 13 February 1966
58. Mari Sandoz Mari Sandoz Writer, Cheyenne Autumn 10 March 1966
59. Alex Wedding Alex Wedding Writer, Lissy 15 March 1966
60. Einar Olsen Einar Olsen Cinematographer, Glomdalsbruden 11 April 1966
61. C.W. Tetting C.W. Tetting Actor, Die Schreckensmühle 20 June 1966
62. Gene Johnston Gene Johnston Composer, The Reckless Way 22 June 1966
63. Henry Morgenthau Jr. Henry Morgenthau Jr. Self, Morgenthau Trailer 6 February 1967
64. Gleb Glebov Gleb Glebov Actor, Strogaya zhenshchina 3 March 1967
65. David Kesson David Kesson Cinematographer, The Unholy Three 2 April 1967
66. Luisella Visconti Luisella Visconti Miscellaneous Crew, 3 August 1967
67. Norman Anthony Norman Anthony Soundtrack, Cinderella Man Norman Hume Anthony was born in Buffalo, New York and later made his way to New York City to pursue a career as a cartoonist and illustrator. He eventually became editor of Judge Magazine and later of Life Magazine under its then owner, Charles Dana Gibson. He went on to create and edit the hugely successful depression era weekly magazine... 21 January 1968
68. Borivoje Hanauska Borivoje Hanauska Writer, Nesporazum 30 March 1968
69. Curt Courant Curt Courant Cinematographer, The Man Who Knew Too Much 20 April 1968
70. Fritz Hofbauer Fritz Hofbauer Actor, Lucifer 10 December 1968
71. Ty Tyson Ty Tyson Self, Ted Williams 12 December 1968
72. Camillo Mastrocinque Camillo Mastrocinque Director, Ridi pagliaccio 23 April 1969
73. Stane Cesnik Stane Cesnik Actor, V gorakh Yugoslavii 1 July 1969
74. Louis Mosconi Louis Mosconi Actor, Operation Pacific Louis and his brother Charles were both ex-Ziegfeld dancers who came to Hollywood in the 1920s to try the movies. They had little success finding roles, but in 1930 opened what became the most popular dancing school in Hollywood. They trained hundreds if not thousands of young dancers for the studios. 1 August 1969
75. Sven Nilsson Sven Nilsson Actor, Nattflyg 1 March 1970
76. Uno Henning Uno Henning Actor, Escape from Dartmoor 16 May 1970
77. Arthur Swinson Arthur Swinson Writer, The Sword in the Web 12 August 1970
78. Howard Fenimore Howard Fenimore Music Department, Swiss Miss 31 October 1970
79. John Paddy Carstairs John Paddy Carstairs Director, Trouble in Store Writer-director John Paddy Carstairs was born Nelson Keys, the son of actor Nelson Keys and the brother of producer Anthony Nelson Keys, in London, England, in 1910. Beginning his career as an assistant cameraman, he worked his way up to screenwriter and made his directorial debut in 1933. While never at the front rank of British directors... 12 December 1970
80. Betty Boyd Betty Boyd Actress, Light of India 16 September 1971
81. Pauline Loring Pauline Loring Actress, The Gentle Flame 4 October 1971
82. Frank Wolff Frank Wolff Actor, Once Upon a Time in the West Frank Wolff started his career by acting in several Roger Corman films. However, Wolff had to travel to Europe to be successful. He was finally able to become a well known actor in Italy and Europe with his performance in Salvatore Giuliano and had roles in many European film productions. Moreover, Wolff became a major star in Spaghetti Westerns... 12 December 1971
83. Alva Lundin Alva Lundin Miscellaneous Crew, Thirst 2 February 1972
84. Margaret Rutherford Margaret Rutherford Actress, Murder at the Gallop One is always at pains to locate a reference to Margaret Rutherford which does not characterize her as either jut-chinned, eccentric or both. But such, taken together, made for the charm of the woman. The combination of those most mundane of attributes has led some to suggest that she was made for the role of Agatha Christie's indomitable sleuth... 22 May 1972
85. Günther Simon Günther Simon Actor, Ernst Thälmann - Sohn seiner Klasse 25 June 1972
86. W.L. Bagier W.L. Bagier Editor, Blonde Ice July 1972
87. J.C. Higginbotham J.C. Higginbotham Self, Jazz Party 26 May 1973
88. Fred Nurney Fred Nurney Actor, Magnificent Obsession 9 September 1973
89. Pilar Sen Pilar Sen Actress, Los hermanos coraje 14 September 1973
90. Kermit Levinsky Kermit Levinsky Music Department, Take the Money and Run October 1973
91. Jan S. Kolár Jan S. Kolár Actor, Svatý Václav 30 October 1973
92. György Tarján György Tarján Actor, Egy éj Velencében 25 December 1973
93. C.O. Slyfield C.O. Slyfield Sound Department, Cinderella 15 January 1974
94. Walter Darewahl Walter Darewahl Actor, Top Banana 23 June 1974
95. Paulo Ruschel Paulo Ruschel Actor, É com Este Que Eu Vou 5 July 1974
96. Albert Parker Albert Parker Director, The Black Pirate 10 August 1974
97. Paul Gury Paul Gury Writer, Mon père et mon papa November 1974
98. Luis M. Feduchi Luis M. Feduchi Set Decorator, Raza 1975
99. Mary Johnson Mary Johnson Actress, Mysteriet natten till den 25:e 15 May 1975
100. Kurt Großkurth Kurt Großkurth Actor, Ludwig 29 May 1975
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