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51. Theo Olof Theo Olof Actor, Ha die Pa! 9 October 2012
52. Betty Crosby Betty Crosby Miscellaneous Crew, The Way We Were 19 September 2012
53. Toni D'Alto Toni D'Alto Actress, The Appointment 26 August 2012
54. Aleck Block Aleck Block Writer, Embraceable You 18 July 2012
55. Sage Stallone Sage Stallone Actor, Rocky V 13 July 2012
56. Takeo Chii Takeo Chii Actor, Lady Snowblood 29 June 2012
57. James Stevens James Stevens Composer, They Came from Beyond Space 26 June 2012
58. Hans Abramson Hans Abramson Director, Rulle på Rullseröd 9 June 2012
59. Gwen Crawford Gwen Crawford Actress, Here Come the Waves 21 April 2012
60. Agustin Román Agustin Román Miscellaneous Crew, America Undercover 11 April 2012
61. Maria Pia Casilio Maria Pia Casilio Actress, Umberto D. Maria-Pia Casilio (5 May 1935 - 10 April 2012) was an Italian film actress, best known for her roles in "Umberto D". and "Un americano a Roma". Born in San Pio delle Camere, L'Aquila, Casilio was pretty active between 1952 and 1960, usually with the typical characterization of a querulous and naive small-town girl... 10 April 2012
62. Pierre Schoendoerffer Pierre Schoendoerffer Writer, Le Crabe-Tambour 14 March 2012
63. Aleksandr Denisov Aleksandr Denisov Actor, Gosudarstvennaya granitsa: Mirnoe leto 21-go goda... 3 March 2012
64. Ted Dicks Ted Dicks Writer, Compact 27 January 2012
65. Malam Sanha Malam Sanha Self, Denk ich an Deutschland - Die Leopoldstraße kills me 9 January 2012
66. Ashton McComb Ashton McComb Miscellaneous Crew, Recount 21 December 2011
67. Bert Schneider Bert Schneider Producer, Easy Rider 12 December 2011
68. Mihnea Gheorghiu Mihnea Gheorghiu Writer, Tudor 11 December 2011
69. Martin Kosinar Martin Kosinar Miscellaneous Crew, Farscape 16 November 2011
70. Michael Cornelison Michael Cornelison Actor, The Woman in the Room Michael Cornelison began his professional career as an actor in 1967, at the age of fifteen, appearing in a series of educational shorts for Coronet Films. In 1974, Michael co-starred with Cliff Robertson and Robert Preston in the ABC-TV movie, My Father's House. In 1978, Cornelison returned to Los Angeles for an extended run... 15 October 2011
71. Marshall Grant Marshall Grant Soundtrack, Walk the Line 7 August 2011
72. Klaus Wagner Klaus Wagner Director, Der Datterich 21 July 2011
73. Mack the Dog Mack the Dog Actor, Methodic Mack the Dog was born Carmen the pup, in May 2005. As a puppy he was owned by an abusive family who once had left him in a car with no rolled down windows all day during the summer. Mack nearly died of heat exhaustion and dehydration that day. At three months Mack was taken away to an animal shelter by the state of New Jersey... 12 June 2011
74. José Pagán José Pagán Self, Viva Cepeda! 7 June 2011
75. Jacques-Gérard Cornu Jacques-Gérard Cornu Director, L'homme à femmes 9 April 2011
76. Henry Noguchi Henry Noguchi Actor, Ruthless People 1 April 2011
77. Garii Raiman Garii Raiman Actor, Red Herring Garii was born in Florida but moved to California when he was approximately 4 years old where he spent the greater part of this life. Upon convincing his wife to move to Vegas after 16 years together, he was able to begin pursuit of his love of movies by staring with Criss Angel in season 3 finale. This allowed him to find a few contacts but he did not yet make his start... 1 March 2011
78. Kathleen Davies Kathleen Davies Self, For Those in Peril: The Story of Henry Blogg 2011
79. Eddie Horst Eddie Horst Music Department, Man on the Moon 11 November 2010
80. Karl-Heinz Wildmoser Karl-Heinz Wildmoser Actor, Pumuckl und sein Zirkusabenteuer 28 July 2010
81. Ilene Woods Ilene Woods Actress, Cinderella Ilene Woods was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the daughter of "a backstage mom" who was responsible for Ilene getting her show biz start on the stage--at age two! At 14, during a vacation in New York City, she received an offer to top-line her own radio show once she became available at the end of that school year... 1 July 2010
82. Phil Gordon Phil Gordon Miscellaneous Crew, Green Acres 15 June 2010
83. Gerhard Ledic Gerhard Ledic Writer, Gubecziana 22 January 2010
84. Mina Bern Mina Bern Actress, Celebrity 10 January 2010
85. Joyce Collins Joyce Collins Music Department, Selma 3 January 2010
86. Stocker Fontelieu Stocker Fontelieu Actor, Angel Heart 14 December 2009
87. Charis Wilson Charis Wilson Self, Eloquent Nude: The Love and Legacy of Edward Weston & Charis Wilson 20 November 2009
88. Aleksey Ponsov Aleksey Ponsov Production Designer, Na vsyakogo mudretsa dovolno prostoty 22 October 2009
89. István Bujtor István Bujtor Actor, A pogány madonna 25 September 2009
90. Olga Baïdar-Poliakoff Olga Baïdar-Poliakoff Actress, The Unbearable Lightness of Being 2 September 2009
91. Lola Lemos Lola Lemos Actress, Menudo es mi padre 6 August 2009
92. Lou Pagliaro Lou Pagliaro Self, Columbia World of Sports: Racquet Wizards 9 July 2009
93. Jean-André Fieschi Jean-André Fieschi Director, Cuixart, permanencia del barroco 1 July 2009
94. Charles H. Schneer Charles H. Schneer Producer, Clash of the Titans The son of a jeweller, Charles H. Schneer was chiefly famous for his collaborations with animator and special effects wizard Ray Harryhausen. Together, they created some of the best-loved fantasy and science fiction films to grace the silver screen between 1956 and 1981. Importantly, Schneer encouraged Harryhausen's imaginative flights even to the point of exceeding his budget... 21 January 2009
95. Zbigniew Ryszard Frankowski Zbigniew Ryszard Frankowski Cinematographer, Osrodek szkoleniowy 21 January 2009
96. Jheryl Busby Jheryl Busby Self, 22nd NAACP Image Awards 4 November 2008
97. Aurel Stroe Aurel Stroe Composer, Napasta 3 October 2008
98. Del Martin Del Martin Self, No Secret Anymore: The Times of Del Martin & Phyllis Lyon 27 August 2008
99. Elmer Willhoite Elmer Willhoite Actor, The All American 18 August 2008
100. Frank Muller Frank Muller Actor, Hometown Legend 4 June 2008
51-100 of 1,180 names.