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151. Justin Peters Justin Peters Actor, All This Murky Green 20 April 1981
152. Dwayne Edwards Dwayne Edwards Uncategorised 20 April 1981
153. Alan Csorba Alan Csorba Actor, Strokes to Seduction 20 April 1981
154. Radka Kocurová Radka Kocurová Actress, Hladovkár 20 April 1981
155. Marianne Sannes Marianne Sannes Actress, Mimmi 20 April 1981
156. Gus Stevenson Gus Stevenson Composer, Ratline 20 April 1981
157. Peter Slattery Peter Slattery Animation Department, Dinner Is Swerved 20 April 1981
158. David Villotti David Villotti Actor, A Swiftly Fading Spirit 20 April 1981
159. Jeremiah Jones Jeremiah Jones Writer, CarJack 20 April 1981
160. Jasmin Wagner Jasmin Wagner Self, TV Allstars X-Mas Special 20 April 1980
161. Adrian Prawica Adrian Prawica Director, The Fourth Partition Adrian Prawica is a director, editor, and cinematographer. Adrian was born in Lodz, Poland. He immigrated to the United States at the age of ten. He is a graduate of Loyola University, Chicago. He started in event videography and public access television at the age of 25, before moving into advertising and documentary work. 20 April 1980
162. David Koch David Koch Miscellaneous Crew, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 20 April 1980
163. Sean Reid Sean Reid Actor, The Innkeepers 20 April 1980
164. Rachel Maryam Sayidina Rachel Maryam Sayidina Actress, Eliana, Eliana 20 April 1980
165. Ivan G. Anderson Ivan G. Anderson Actor, Journey of No Return 20 April 1980
166. Brian Fusco Brian Fusco Actor, Milk Money 20 April 1980
167. Arin Paul Arin Paul Director, Et Tu Brute...? 20 April 1980
168. Aaron Wulf Aaron Wulf Actor, Mr. Monk Gets Fired 20 April 1980
169. Laura Masi-Stevens Laura Masi-Stevens Uncategorised 20 April 1980
170. Chris Duffy Chris Duffy Self, Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers 20 April 1980
171. Daniel Birnbaum Daniel Birnbaum Visual Effects, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow 20 April 1980
172. Johan Nielsen Johan Nielsen Miscellaneous Crew, Everlasting Moments 20 April 1980
173. Todd Frangella Todd Frangella Miscellaneous Crew, Animal Kidding 20 April 1980
174. Georgina Rylance Georgina Rylance Actress, 7 Seconds Georgina was born in London, went to St Pauls School before attending boarding school at Downe House. Her A-Levels were completed at St. Edwards School, Oxford where she also went to University. She obtained a BA Honours degree in Politics at Oxford Brookes University. 20 April 1979
175. Nicky Evans Nicky Evans Actor, Episode #6.9 20 April 1979
176. Camilla DeCastro Camilla DeCastro Actress, My Girlfriends Cock 2 20 April 1979
177. Nathan Marquardt Nathan Marquardt Self, UFC 73: Stacked Marquardt was born in Lander, Wyoming and was raised in Denver, Colorado. His late father was a Lutheran pastor and also worked in construction. Marquardt's father was also a former Marine who fought in the Vietnam War, Marquardt's mother was a nurse and a manager at an attorney's office, and Marquardt is one of five siblings... 20 April 1979
178. Gergö Balika Gergö Balika Production Manager, A Good Day to Die Hard 20 April 1979
179. Jessie Wallace Jessie Wallace Producer, Yellow Bird 20 April 1979
180. Annekathrin Bach Annekathrin Bach Actress, Geisterschiff 20 April 1979
181. Linda Eisenhamerova Linda Eisenhamerova Make-Up Department, AVP: Alien vs. Predator 20 April 1979
182. Ulysses Argetta Ulysses Argetta Visual Effects, Black Swan 20 April 1979
183. Stian Barsnes Simonsen Stian Barsnes Simonsen Actor, A Kiss in the Snow 20 April 1979
184. Humberto Ramirez Jr. Humberto Ramirez Jr. Editorial Department, K-19: The Widowmaker 20 April 1979
185. Fady Maalouf Fady Maalouf Self, Das große Finale 20 April 1979
186. Daniel Rausch Daniel Rausch Actor, Stortjuvens pojke 20 April 1979
187. Ellyn O'Connell Ellyn O'Connell Actress, Liberty Heights 20 April 1979
188. Matt Sadowski-Austin Matt Sadowski-Austin Actor, Dawn of the Dead 20 April 1978
189. Clayne Crawford Clayne Crawford Actor, A Walk to Remember 20 April 1978
190. Julie Stichbury Julie Stichbury Actress, Twin Town 20 April 1978
191. Jessica Marshall-Gardiner Jessica Marshall-Gardiner Actress, Sophie's World Jessica Marshall-Gardiner was born in Arizona but grew up almost entirely in London, England, where she attended Theater School and was classically trained in drama, singing and dance. Appearing in her first film when she was five, Jessica went on to work steadily in film, television and theater. She played young Cosette in the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Les Miserables... 20 April 1978
192. Alex Angarita Alex Angarita Self, Something Cruel Is About to Happen... Real Soon Alex was born in Colombia and moved with his family to Los Angeles, California as a child. He obtained a B.A. in Economics from U.C. Irvine. After graduating from Harvard Law School, Alex was just beginning a big firm legal career when a car accident in 2007 forced him to reevaluate his career. While on a mountaineering expedition... 20 April 1978
193. Manuel Baqueiro Manuel Baqueiro Actor, Episode #10.66 20 April 1978
194. Natasha Symms Natasha Symms Actress, Hollyoaks 20 April 1978
195. Douglas Edward Douglas Edward Composer, Garrison Douglas Edward is a festival award-winning composer and classically trained Violinist and Pianist. He received an award for Artistic Excellence in "Best Impact of Music in a Feature Film" from the Park City Film Music Festival, an award for "Best Movie Soundtrack" from the Bare Bones International Film Festival... 20 April 1978
196. Donald Quintana Donald Quintana Miscellaneous Crew, The 2009 World Magic Awards 20 April 1978
197. Özlem Argon Özlem Argon Actress, Sorry for Leila 20 April 1978
198. Jamie Rabinaw Jamie Rabinaw Actor, Doggie Tails, Vol. 1: Lucky's First Sleep-Over 20 April 1978
199. Einar Moller Einar Moller Producer, Tales of the Supernatural 20 April 1978
200. Yuliya Mayarchuk Yuliya Mayarchuk Actress, Cheeky 20 April 1977
151-200 of 923 names.