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1. Baylie Cregut Baylie Cregut Actress, Raising Hope
2. Rylie Cregut Rylie Cregut Actress, Raising Hope
3. Zach Sulzbach Zach Sulzbach Actor, Hawaii Five-0
4. Jacob Walker Jacob Walker Actor, Ernie & Cerbie Jacob Walker, 7, is one of the smallest boys in the world. He has gained a worldwide audience of people inspired by his life and who enjoy his spunky, upbeat personality. Since he has been able to walk, his unique appearance has intrigued the public wherever he goes; yet, the rare dwarfism which gives him proportions comparable to a doll...
5. Levi Alexander Levi Alexander Actor, Pete's Dragon
6. Ariella Nurkovic Ariella Nurkovic Actress, Deadly Daycare
7. Isabella Nurkovic Isabella Nurkovic Actress, Deadly Daycare
8. Gytta Hawkey Gytta Hawkey
9. Valentina Gordon Valentina Gordon Actress, Maryellen and the Brightest Star
10. Falcor the Ferret Falcor the Ferret Actor, Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale Falcor is the most successful ferret actor in the film industry, with a large and enthusiastic fan base around the world. After a successful career in commercials for companies such as Marshall Pet Products and PSA's "I Shoot UBCP" and "Save BC Film", Falcor landed the leading role of Jasper in the award-winning short film Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale in 2011...
11. Vitaliya Kornienko Vitaliya Kornienko Actress, Marshrut postroen
12. Feng-Tse Tsai Feng-Tse Tsai Actor, Shen ye shi tang
13. Como T. Llama Como T. Llama Actor, Llama Cop Como T. Llama was born on a working ranch in the Garland Alps of Nebraska, to a Chilean sire and an Argentine dam. As a cria, Como played on 450 acres of rolling hills and grazed on prairie grass with 114 other llamas until he was adopted by a champion performance trainer, who saw his potential as an animal actor...
14. Nicholas Martorell Jr. Nicholas Martorell Jr. Actor, The Smurfs
15. Tzipora Kahn Tzipora Kahn Actress, Once Upon a Deadtime Story
16. Phoenix Nicholson Phoenix Nicholson Actor, All My Children
17. Freyja Sif Arnarsdottir Freyja Sif Arnarsdottir Actress, L7: Hrafnar, Sóleyjar og Myrra
18. Nele Sophie Stachels Nele Sophie Stachels Actress, Verbotene Liebe
19. Luke Hunt Luke Hunt Luke Hunt is the son of Betty and Bobby Hunt. Luke loves fishing and hunting with his father. Luke likes being outdoors and playing video games with his friends and brother. Luke is a handful sometimes, but there is always a way it can be handled. His favorite food is pizza and he loves eating ice cream.
20. Thedor Krosby Chieu Thedor Krosby Chieu Actor, Min søsters børn og guldgraverne
21. Ramses Ramses Producer, ¡Quiero ir a la playa! Ramses was abandoned and was later found by a group of Polish students in Malaga when he was wandering in the highway. He was ten 2 months and a half old. The students have to go back to their country and they looked for someone who could take care of Ramses. Director Ana Torres-Alvarez adopted him.
22. Aitor Melini Aitor Melini
23. Suzi Khan Suzi Khan
24. Angel Adrid Angel Adrid Angel Adrid was born in California. Angel loves kittens and puppies. Her favorite food is cheese and ice cream. Angel can be very observant too! She mostly loves to eat and sleep in her free time. Another thing Angel loves to do is to pretend to be a cheerleader when her older siblings play games.
24 names.