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1. Davis Cleveland Davis Cleveland Actor, The Fight Davis Cleveland was born in Houston, Texas. He began his acting career by doing commercial work in Texas. After moving to Los Angeles, he began appearing in national commercials for big name companies. Davis has guest-starred in many shows, and co-stars as Flynn Jones in Disney's hit show "Shake It Up".
2. Johnny Sequoyah Johnny Sequoyah Actress, Pilot
3. Benjamin Flores Jr. Benjamin Flores Jr. Actor, Ride Along
4. Isabelle Allen Isabelle Allen Actress, Les Misérables Just one year ago, young Isabelle Allen was acting in a school play (as a boy, no less). Today, she's the featured co-star of Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway in director Tom Hooper's big-screen adaptation of one of the longest-running musical in history, "Les Miserables." The ten-year-old Allen plays the younger version of Cosette...
5. Kara Hoffman Kara Hoffman Actress, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
6. Romeo Beckham Romeo Beckham Self, Being Victoria Beckham Romeo Beckham was born on September 1st, 2002 as the son of David and Victoria. His birth was at Portland Hospital in London, England. He weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces. At first, Romeo and his family lived in England, but in July 2003, they moved as David was traded to Madrid, Spain. That is where they currently live.
7. Ian Patrick Ian Patrick Actor, Looper
8. Nikki Hahn Nikki Hahn Actress, The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex Sofia Nicole Hahn was born in San Antonio, Texas, USA This Texas native began building a solid resume almost immediately after arriving in Hollywood at age 3. Before her first television appearance, Nikki enjoyed modeling for Disney Campaigns, GAP, American Girl, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada and Little Marc Jacobs to name a few but her but her real passion began to show through at an early age...
9. Shelby Hoffman Shelby Hoffman Actress, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
10. Kyle Red Silverstein Kyle Red Silverstein Actor, Blended Even before costarring with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in Warner Brothers' Memorial Day comedy Blended, Kyle Silverstein was a film and television veteran. Probably best known for his portrayal of Ethan Dawson on Grey's Anatomy, Kyle's many other credits include Happy Endings, From the Shadows, Cold Case, and his breakthrough role as Jona on House...
11. Madeline O'Brien Madeline O'Brien Actress, Gone Baby Gone
12. Cali Sheldon Cali Sheldon Actress, Novel Romance
13. Emma Schweiger Emma Schweiger Actress, Rabbit Without Ears
14. Brianna Daguanno Brianna Daguanno Actress, The Santa Suit Brianna is a very talented young actress who has been fortunate enough to work in almost every form of entertainment media, including Film & Television, Animation, Voice, , Theatre Productions, and Live Performances. Brianna currently voices the animated character of Lily in YTV-TV's Animated Series titled "Oh No...
15. Braden Fitzgerald Braden Fitzgerald Actor, In Your Eyes
16. Alexa Gerasimovich Alexa Gerasimovich Actress, World Trade Center
17. Kristopher Simmons Kristopher Simmons Actor, Imaginary Fiends
18. Miranda Carabello Miranda Carabello Actress, Car Trouble
19. Sadie Goldstein Sadie Goldstein Actress, Synecdoche, New York
20. Noelle Sheldon Noelle Sheldon Actress, Novel Romance
21. Jason Simmons Jason Simmons Actor, Imaginary Fiends
22. Taylor Ann Thompson Taylor Ann Thompson Actress, The Bucket List Taylor Ann Thompson has studied at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute since she was 6 years old. She is best known for capturing the hearts of millions in her role as Jack Nicholson's granddaughter in Rob Reiner's "The Bucket List" and on the small screen as the innocent Hannah in Lifetime's critically acclaimed...
23. Felix Avitia Felix Avitia Actor, Inglés
24. Kaelynn Wright Kaelynn Wright Actress, The Zombie Family: A Day in the Death Kaelynn is an actress from a small town just north of Houston Texas. She is a proud 10th generation Texan, a direct descendant of Moses Austin. Kaelynn started her career in the summer of 2010. Kaelynn leads an active lifestyle in general, along with acting and modeling, she takes weekly gymnastics classes...
25. Jack Horan Jack Horan Actor, A Remarkable Life
26. Chloe Noelle Chloe Noelle Actress, No Gifts for Jesus Chloe's love for performing began when she was 2 years old. Hers was always the first hand up at Disneyland when volunteers were needed on stage. A friend suggested she join a local theater group and that was the beginning of Chloe's acting and singing career. Her first performance was part of the ensemble...
27. Madison Carabello Madison Carabello Actress, Bite Me
28. Liv Freundlich Liv Freundlich Actress, The Rebound
29. Danielle Parker Danielle Parker Actress, Episode #1.10542 Danielle began her career in Orlando, FL at age four through participation in a local children's theatre program that Danielle immensely enjoyed. Following her first role as Pepper in a rendition of Disney's 101 Dalmatians, Danielle was hooked on performing. This young performance exhibited both Danielle's early talent as well as her love for performance...
30. TJ Zecchino TJ Zecchino Actor, Split Second
31. Eliot Carrington Eliot Carrington Actor, Episode dated 27 November 2014
32. Kyd Miller Duchovny Kyd Miller Duchovny Uncategorised
33. Prince Michael II Prince Michael II Self, Living with Michael Jackson: A Tonight Special
34. Jacob Nathaniel Jacob Nathaniel Actor, In the Nick of Time
35. Kyle Meagher Kyle Meagher Actor, Northpole
36. Drew Shugart Drew Shugart Actor, I Am Potential
37. Alena LeBerger Alena LeBerger Actress, Proud Reba
38. Amyrh Harris Amyrh Harris Actor, Annie Born Amyrh Harris, but affectionately known as Young Heru. Amyrh is a Breakdancer and Rapper. An 80's baby, born in 2002, he is a big fan of LL Cool J, Doug E. Fresh, Afrika Bambata, Wild Style, Fresh Prince, Beat Street and more. All beginning at the age of 3, Amyrh started honing his dance skills and making a living dancing on the streets of Harlem...
39. Tinkerbell the Dog Tinkerbell the Dog Self, Bowden Family
40. Logan Kulick Logan Kulick Actor, Burn After Reading Logan Kulick is very outgoing and has always loved to perform. He began acting and modeling at the age of 3. Logan got his first Principal role at the age of 4 in the feature film, Burn After Reading, which was directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. He has since gotten Principal roles in a couple of independent films as well...
41. Kyline Alcantara Kyline Alcantara Actress, Manika (II)
42. Lucy Merriam Lucy Merriam Actress, Marley & Me
43. Kelly Anne Sweeney Kelly Anne Sweeney Actress, Botes al Amanacer
44. Roan Thurman-Hawke Roan Thurman-Hawke Uncategorised
45. Rhema Marvanne Rhema Marvanne Actress, Machine Gun Preacher
46. Kaitlyn Van Item Kaitlyn Van Item Actress, Nancy Drew
47. Andrés Garcia-Lorido Andrés Garcia-Lorido Actor, The Lost City
48. Gabrielle LeBerger Gabrielle LeBerger Actress, Proud Reba
49. Skye Barrett Skye Barrett Actress, Locked In
50. Aaron Zachary Philips Aaron Zachary Philips Actor, Just Go with It Born and raised in Southern California, Aaron Zachary Philips started his acting career at the young age of 5. He spent his first year of acting doing student films and gaining experience. He has had the privileged to make appearances on several television shows. He has really enjoyed all the different things acting has to offer, and enjoys meeting the new people he works with on each new project...
1-50 of 152 names.