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1. Adam Gregory Holzer Cinematographer, Dear Self in 10 Years
2. Alfred Cerullo Actor, 1969
3. Alison Niermann Actress, Gone Girl
4. Ambarien Alqadar Sound Department, A Diary Scattered in Time and Place
5. Andie Grace Producer, Burn on the Bayou
6. Anna Flavia Lapenda Actress, Sailboat
7. Arthur Moonin Actor, Proper Binge
8. Beth Sowell Editor, Off the Grid: Story of Sacred Valley
9. Bhavkhandan Singh Rakhra Actor, Afternoon Tea
10. Bill Rubenstein Camera and Electrical Department, U2: Rattle and Hum
11. Blaine Kneece Actor, Episode #1.8
12. Bruce Salmon Actor, Boyhood
13. Bryan Deehring Actor, Junction
14. Catherine Rogala Actress, Why Not? A Series of Unfortunate Dates
15. Chris M. Gordon Editor, Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism
16. Cliff B. Young Uncategorised
17. Conrad Goode Actor, Anger Management
18. D'Kia Anderson Actress, Mona
19. Dave Bartholomew Stunts, Hook
20. Dave Reed Actor, ZEB: The Zombie
21. David Franklin Smith Producer, Episode #2.2
22. David Gale Actor, Saw V
23. David Naughton Actor, An American Werewolf in London
24. Edward Salerno Jr. Camera and Electrical Department, The Janitor
25. Elijah Blevins Actor, I Work for Johnny
26. Eric Sazer Writer, A Portrait of Discomfiture
27. Erik Jessen Editorial Department, X-Men: Days of Future Past
28. Ernesto Herrmann Visual Effects, Anna Karenina
29. Fahim Fazli Miscellaneous Crew, Iron Man
30. Fargor Chen Writer, Rebellion
31. Flavia Vieira Make-Up Department, Therapy with a Twist
32. Flora Montgomery Actress, Goldfish Memory
33. Frank Dolansky Actor, The Goodbye
34. Frankie D. Harrison Sound Department, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
35. Freda Thomas Actress, Zipper
36. Gabrielle Stein Miscellaneous Crew, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
37. Gangadhar Panday Actor, Athidhi
38. George Retelas Director, Me So Lonely
39. Gerald Vance Sound Department, Flying Saucer Rock'n'Roll
40. Gloria Muikira Actress, Living in Silence
41. Graham Bandy Actor, Flood
42. Graham Cheadle Actor, Jivita
43. Graham Day Cinematographer, The English Surgeon
44. Harris O. Daniels Miscellaneous Crew, An Evening with Kevin Smith
45. Heather Elliott-Famularo Director, Bearing Witness: The Voices of Our Survivors
46. Irina Crawford Miscellaneous Crew, Fear Clinic
47. Jaha Naeem Gitonga Actor, Body Politic
48. James Graham Camera and Electrical Department, Conversations with Other Women
49. James Mackay Producer, Caravaggio
50. James Ross Uncategorised
51. Jeffrey Kalmus Visual Effects, Titanic
52. Jeffrey M. Morin Self, 100th Dirty Job Special
53. Jesse Watson Writer, A Man, Buried
54. Joseph Courtemanche Actor, Life Without Bail
55. João Paulo Schlittler Miscellaneous Crew, The Burning Season
56. Justyna Palasiewicz Uncategorised
57. Karen Peterson Actress, Cloud 9
58. Katherine McKalip Actress, Imagine Me and You
59. Kevin LaNeave Visual Effects, Sin City
60. Kim Krentz Actress, American Dream
61. Kirstin Kluver Actress, Outside of Town
62. Kristie Galloway Actress, With This Ring
63. Lisa Zolezzi Producer, All Jacked Up
64. Liza Binkley Actress, Boner Doctor
65. Magdalena Tcherno Actress, Fun or Business?
66. Manuela Harabor Actress, The Forest Woman
67. Marco Marenghi Visual Effects, Alice in Wonderland
68. Marie Prezioso Producer, Teasers sacs Sandrine Dal Zotto
69. Marilyn Knowlden Actress, Angels with Dirty Faces
70. Marjorie Otts Miscellaneous Crew, High Expectations
71. Mary Joy Raines Actress, Mother's Day
72. Max Mitasov Animation Department, Jackie and the Beaner Stalker
73. Meghna Malik Actress, Like Stars on Earth
74. Michael Filip Phillips Uncategorised
75. Natasha Laws Mick Actress, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
76. Nick Stanner Stunts, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1
77. Nico Lujan Actress, Debt to Society
78. Nikki DePasquale Soundtrack, Stuck
79. Pamela Young Actress, Soul Survivor
80. Patience Wieland Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, A Glance Apart
81. Patrick Nicholas Thanks, Sammy Roy
82. Peter Gordon Music Department, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
83. Peter Pav Editorial Department, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
84. Phillip E. Walker Actor, Bloody Hands
85. Rob Brekke Self, Johnny Reid: Live at the Jubilee
86. Roy Samuelson Actor, Exit Speed
87. Russ Belville Self, A Norml Life
88. Ryan Gold Actor, All American Bikini Car Wash
89. Sara Amini Actress, What Comes Next
90. Satish Alekar Actor, Aiyyaa
91. Sean Lahiff Visual Effects, The Hunger Games
92. Sergio Alejandro Actor, Rendezvous
93. Simon Patrick Brown Actor, Fort Bliss
94. Sorrelle McGill Actress, Dead Serious
95. Stefanie Kahn Actress, Outlaw Tennis
96. Steve Zarro Actor, Hair of the Dog
97. Stuart St. Paul Stunts, Aliens
98. Tarina Van Den Driessche Cinematographer, Pretty Rosebud
99. Tatiana Oscarsson Transportation Department, Melancholia
100. Tom Demar Actor, Mermaid of Venice
1-100 of 105 names.